Planning to design your own lampshade? Well, it is one of the most popular home improvement projects that creative homeowners like to take upon themselves. There a lot you can do and there’s no limit to the raw material you can use and the designs you can come up with. The best thing about DIY lampshade is that there is never a bad design. Anything that you create is special. Well, here are some ideas that should inspire you enough to get started.

Creative Chandelier Lampshade

creative chandelier lampshade

What if your lampshade could take the form of a chandelier? Well, why not? Made from commonly available household materials and some special customization for the electronic fit, this lampshade looks perfect. The best thing is the raw appeal it has to itself!

Burlap Diy Lamp Shade

burlap diy lamp shade


In this case, the highly exotic lamp shade has been used with materials like gunny sacks and other types of bags and ‘use & throw’ textiles. Just put around a frame, the gunny sack material for the lamp shade creates a warm lighting, adding to the mood and ambiance of the room. You can also see Cool Lamp Ideas

Balloon Diy Lamp Shade

balloon diy lamp shade


These stunning lampshades have been made out of used paper and paper cups. Sticking paper and plastic together, you can seek to create exciting patterns that look unique when you put a light inside.

Bottle Diy Lamp Shade

bottle diy lamp shade

What do you do after you have finished your bottle of wine? Well, throw it in the bin and reach out for another. However, it would be worthwhile to see how many discarded wine bottles have been used to create this stunning installation.

Diy Lamp Shade Ball

diy lamp shade ball

Designers and creative artists have been using a lot many unique materials to create unique ball shaped lights. From pencils to soda bottle caps, you can pick up anything light and tie them together to come up with unique patterns.

Globe Lamp Shade Diy

globe lamp shade diy

Designed by Benoît Vieubled

You can actually have a lit up globe as your source of light! This cluster of an installation is really a fresh way to go about lamp lighting and can be done with ease.

Diy Red & Blue Lampshade

diy red blue lampshade


In this case, the designer has used highly thin red and blue colored textiles and complimented it with matching lighting to create wonder!

Wooden Lampshade Idea

wooden lampshade idea

Table Decor Lampshade Idea

table decor lampshade idea


Diy Hanging Rope Chandelier

diy hanging rope chandelier


Diy Hat Lamp Design

diy hat lamp design

Designed by Jeeves & Wooster

Wooden Drum Chandelier Idea

wooden drum chandelier idea


Rustic Lampshade Design

rustic lampshade design


Pipe Lampshade Idea

pipe lampshade idea


All above DIY lamp designs are perfectly unique ideas to have in your home. It really depends upon your creativity and perspective of the world around.

Diy Lamp Shade Drum Frame

Another exotic design for a lampshade, this will also be easy to make if you have the patience and the time to sit down with intricate crafts. The pattern on the lamp shade can be made out of paint or be a completely separate part of the installation. For the latter case, you can use a variety of beads, clips and other materials.

Antique Diy Lamp Shade

Using materials like broken glass, transparent paper and other small things, you can come up with a similar DIY lampshade. While the example shows a picture that comes as a manufactured piece, any abstract of a glasswork would look beautiful when light is shown underneath!

Beaded Lamp Shade

Now, this is something really creative. Using cheap beads, readily available in all kinds of craft stores, the designer has created a really luxurious looking lampshade. While the light will itself be limited to a ball like structure, the beads will efficiently reflect the light and create a gorgeous mood.

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