In the medieval times chandeliers were used by the rich. It was a symbol of prestige. A close observation of the kinds of chandeliers that were made in the 15th century, you will realize yourself that the inspirations were taken from the crowns and rings made by then jewelers. It was the beginning of the 18th century that witnessed clearer line and neat cuts in the chandeliers.

Eclectic Bedroom With Modern Crystal Chandelier

eclectic bedroom with modern crystal chandelier

Photo By: Dawson Design Group, Inc.

Stylish Crystal Chandelier in Spacious Dining Room

stylish crystal chandelier in spacious dining room

Designed by Elinor Jones

Pink Crystal Chandelier in Work Space

pink crystal chandelier in work space

Photo By: Tim Douglas of Fidelis Studio

In and around the 19th century, the kinds that were made in Europe were more inspired by the Bohemian architecture. There was some sort of frenzy Europeans had in mind for bohemian architecture. Initially those chandeliers were lit using candles and gradually the source of light became the latest LED bulb.

Transitional Headboard Paired with a Crystal Chandelier

transitional headboard paired with a crystal chandelier

Photo By: Bruce Bennett

Open Dining Room With Charm Crystal Chandelier

open dining room with charm crystal chandelier

Photo By: Julie Dodson

Crystal Chandelier is Suspended From a Stained Glass Dome

crystal chandelier is suspended from a stained glass dome

Photo By: Schaub+Srote Architects

Master Bathroom Features Crystal Chandelier

master bathroom features crystal chandelier

Photo By: Barbara Gilbert

Crystal Chandelier Create Elegant Look in Dining Room

crystal chandelier create elegant look in dining room

©Photography provided by Christine Baumann

Floral to pendant styles, crystal chandeliers look awesomely glamorous in any ways. The chandeliers may be seen in the hotels and resorts the most. This is because they need to keep the space that ways.

Transitional White Kitchen With Dramatic Chandelier

transitional white kitchen with dramatic chandelier

Photo By: Taylor Architectural Photography

Dark Dining Room With Beautiful Crystal Chandelier

dark dining room with beautiful crystal chandelier

Photo By: Vanessa Deleon

Home’s Entry With Orb Crystal Chandelier

homes entry with orb crystal chandelier

Photo By: DRufer Photography

Victorian Dining Room Gold Crystal Chandelier

victorian dining room gold crystal chandelier

Photo By: Julie Dodson

Master Bedroom with Crystal Chandeliers

master bedroom with crystal chandeliers

Photo By: Paul Brant Williger

Contemporary Dining Room With Crystal Encrusted Chandelier

contemporary dining room with crystal encrusted chandelier

Photo By: Marija Vidal

Formal Dining Room With Designed Chandelier

formal dining room with designed chandelier

Photo By: William C Johnson Architect

Dining Room With Modern Crystal Chandelier

dining room with modern crystal chandelier

Designed by Marlaina Teich

Neutral Bedroom With Vintage Chandelier

neutral bedroom with vintage chandelier

Bedroom With Old Crystal Chandeliers

bedroom with old crystal chandeliers

Photo By: Alise O’Brien

Foyer Crystal Chandelier Over Turning Staircase

foyer crystal chandelier over turning staircase

Photo By: Vanessa Deleon

Expansive Foyer With Crystal Chandelier

expansive foyer with crystal chendlier

Photo By: Michael Baxter | Baxter Imaging LLC

Little Girl’s Bedroom With Circular Crystal Chandelier

little girls bedroom with circular crystal chendelier

Photo By: Claire Paquin

Pyramidal Shaped Hand Blown Crystal Chandelier

pyramidal shaped hand blown crystal chandelier

Photo By: Christopher Stark Photography

Lampshade Chandelier in Tray Ceiling

lampshade chandelier in tray ceiling

Photo By: Vanessa Deleon

The other places where you may observe beautifully crafted chandeliers are the mosques. Though a place for worshiping for Muslims, mosques these days are kept well too. One example to quote is the mosque in Syria. See for you to believe. Crystal chandeliers need maintenance as well as the dirt may cause scratches too.

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