We all spend a large fraction of our lifetime in our office working on projects, handling clients etc. It is almost as special part of our life as our home. Thus our office must have a unique design and attractive arrangement to catch everyone’s attention. Gothic Office Designs are tailor made to give your office a unique look. Here are some of the popular gothic design ideas for your office.

Gray Color Gothic Office Design

gray color gothic office design

Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna

This design of office offers a full wall on the background with wooden shelves having gray outer finish. The rest of the arrangement consists of a comfortable couch on one side with a table in front having nice flower pot. On the other corner, there is a set of chair and large table where you can sit with your client.

Beautiful Office with Wooden Furniture

beautiful office with wooden furniture


There is lot of space in this style of office with large table on the center adjacent to one of the walls and a carpet in between separating two chairs with the table. There is another square table in between the two chairs with a night lamp. The ceiling has a chandelier in the center.

Traditional Office with Minecraft Chandelier

traditional office with minecraft chandelier

Cabinet Concepts By Design

The main attraction of this style of office is the Minecraft chandelier on top. It gives the whole room a very neat traditional look center table, nice cushioned chair and a showcase on the background.

Retro Style Office with Victorian Look

retro style office with victorian look

Photo by Giuseppe Digno

This type of office is well suited if your office has a beautiful scenic look in front. The design consists of a large doors and windows with transparent glasses to give a nice view of the outdoor. The circular table in the center adds more beauty to the arrangement with lot of furniture.

Spacious Vintage Look Office Idea

spacious vintage look office idea

Travis Miller Homes

This is really a very different design idea for your office. The room is shaped oval with a lot of empty space. The arrangement is very simple with a center table and two chairs one each for host and visitor. There is a large LCD in front and two portraits on the wall at the back.

Amazing Office with Book Shelves

amazing office with book shelves


Furniture is the main stay of this design with every inch of the room completely covered by the natural polished wood all of the similar patter and texture. The arrangement is aligned along the length with book shelves on one side and transparent wooden door on the other side.

Luxurious Office with Rich Furniture

luxurious office with rich furniture

Harwick Homes

You can also give your office a luxurious look with expansive curtains and furniture in a royal cream shades. The luxurious and spacious couch gives the office a complete look.

Simple Gothic Office Design Idea

simple gothic office design idea


This design for office presents a beautiful look without much input as compared to other designs. There is a simple elegant wooden chair and table. One of the walls has textured look to beautify the room and rest everything is simple.

Old Style Office with Arm Chairs

old style office with arm chairs


You can also include the old stylish arm chairs back to give your office a refreshing and unique look. Cream Shades on the walls with dark curtains to give a contrasting look. The ceiling is left simple with white shade.

Lavish Gothic Office Idea

lavish gothic office idea

J. Wilson Fuqua & Associates, Architects

Thick wooden logs on the ceiling create a criss-cross structure and carry the similar wooden work on the walls to make everything look similar in this style of office. The room is full of couch and chairs of different types. There is a fire place with book shelves on either sides.

Awesome Gothic Office Interior Design

awesome gothic office interior design


Retro Look Office with Wooden Shelves

retro look office with wooden shelves


Eclectic Office with Cheery Wood Furniture

eclectic office with cheery wood furniture


Pink Color Office Decorating Idea

pink color office decorating idea

Anthony Michael Interior Design

Gorgeous Office with Crystal Chandelier

gorgeous office with crystal chandelier

Your Favorite Room By Cathy Zaeske

Cool White Office Design Idea

cool white office design idea


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