You don’t have to be emotionally distressed or melancholic to adapt the emo pixie cuts. These are short to very short hairstyles that are usually colored in vibrant hair colors. The random cuts and feathers on the front portion of the cut make it look like a chic hairstyle for teenage girls. Bob hairstyles, with bangs in the front, look good on an oval face shape.

Julianne Straight Emo Pixie Haircut

Julianne Straight Emo Pixie Haircut

This is a pixie haircut with a portion of the hair slid to the front. This is a simple pixie with no bangs or fringes. There is no layering done to this emo hairstyle. Colored in blonde and black streaks, it gives a demure look and suits women with oval face shape.

Ginnifer Goodwin Short Emo Pixie Cut Idea

Ginnifer Goodwin Short Emo Pixie Cut Idea

Ginnifer Goodwin of the ‘He is just not that into you,’ movie fame looks great in this pixie cut. It has random cuts and sharp endings. With a messy hairstyle and hair pulled in the front, this style looks good even on a face with a sharp jaw line.

Coco Rocha Emo Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle

Coco Rocha Emo Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle

This is an asymmetrical cut with long bangs on one side and a clean crop on the other side. Women, who love a little bit of long and short hair, can go for this pixie cut. A taste for unconventional that doesn’t look odd can make a woman look great in this hairdo. These are one of the best gothic hairstyles to have a dramatic effect.

Two Tone Emo Pixie Cut

Two Tone Emo Pixie Cut Source

This is an undercut and a typical 90’s style. With straight hair and a dash of pink color thrown into the bright blonde, this is a Punk hairstyle of the rockers in 90’s. Get the rebel in you by choosing this hairstyle.

Emo Pixie Haircut for Round Face

Emo Pixie Haircut for Round Face Source

This is a hairstyle for black colored hair. It suits the round face very well as it covers the cheekbone and highlights the jaw line. Woman of any age can get this cut for their hair. Streaks of red or plum will give an added effect to this hairstyle.

Emo Fade Pixie Hairstyle

Long Emo Pixie Hairstyle Source

This is a messy and a random cut pixie colored in copper hair color. The hair fades on the sides. This is suitable for biker girls and girls in rock bands. Keep the style quotient high with this haircut.

Blonde Emo Pixie Haircut

Messy Emo Pixie Haircut Idea Source

This is a messy pixie hair cut with random cuts pushed on the front. The side hair is well cut into a faded look. The front hair has a light blonde color and the side hair has dark black color. This is suitable for young women in her twenties.

Wavy Pixie Emo Hairstyle

Wavy Pixie Emo Hairstyle Source

Women who love their straight hair long can get this haircut. It does not have random cuts. The side hair is faded with a side lock in place. Bold and carefree women can carry this hairstyle very well. This is also suitable for women in their middle ages.

Layered Emo Pixie Cut

Layered Emo Pixie Cut Source

This is one of the most elegant pixies that you can get. The hair color is in burgundy color. This hairstyle has a longer length of hair. You wear a bow, ribbon, or a hair accessory on your hair to enhance the beauty of this hairstyle.

Emo Platinum pixie Hair

Emo Dark Blonde pixie Hair Source

This is a stunning pixie hairstyle with random cuts. It suits very young girls. This hairstyle has ash and gray color. Rebellious teens look good in them. There is also a side lock that goes well with the entire haircut. This gives a stunning silver and a steel finish to the hairstyle.

Comb Over Pixie Haircut

Comb Over Pixie Haircut Source

Pixie Hair with Bangs

Pixie Hair with Bangs Source

Emo Pixie Bob Hairstyle

Natural Emo Pixie Hairstyle Source

Pixie Side Parted Hairstyle

Pixie Side Parted Hairstyle Source

Pixie Bowl Bob Emo Hair

Bob Pixie Emo Hair Source

Vintage Emo Pixie Hairstyle

Pixie with Messy Hairstyle Source

Modern Long Pixie Hairstyle

Modern Long Pixie Hairstyle Source

Stylish Emo Pixie Hairstyle

Blonde Pixie Hairstyle Idea Source

Classic Emo Pixie Haircut

Vintage Emo Pixie Haircut Source

Messy Emo Pixie Hairstyle

Long Dark Pixie Hairstyle Source

Side Shaved Emo Pixie Hair

Comb Over Long Pixie Hair Source

One of the most popular trends of pixie haircuts is the dog ear haircut. Colors like, turquoise, green, pink, ash, gray, red, copper, and blonde go well with any pixie haircuts. You can also add as many layers of different colors to this hairstyle.

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