A lot of women go for chopping their tresses these days as it provides with freedom from exhaustive maintenance. Also, short hairdos are convenient for a busy life. Earlier there were inhibitions about short hairstyles, due to the uncertainty about the result. But now, going short is not only cool but also has multiple benefits.

Add the feeling of ease while you jazz up the style with trendy short choppy hairstyles. We have put together some Hollywood exclusives.

Kristen Stewart Straight Chop Hair

kristen stewart

The twilight queen chops off her hairs and still looks extremely elegant. The straight haircut preserves femininity while still bringing an edge to the look. The hairdo appears more elegant with her textured hairs.

Emma Stone Short Chop Layers

emma stone short chop layers

Actress Emma Stone comes up with the short chop layer haircut. The simple haircut appears fantastic and does not demand too much time for styling. You do not need any expensive accessory to spruce up the look, the cut itself do that work very perfectly.

Adele Choppy Bob Haircut

adele choppy bob haircut

The talented Grammy singer comes forth with a jaw-dropping bob haircut. The attractive haircut perfectly suits on busy girls and is not fussy at all. Middle parted hair flatter her in an intensive way.

Scarlett Johansson Wavy Chop Hair

scarlett johansson2

The extensive density on both sides, Johansson shows off her new and trendy hairstyle. The style demands a side partition and a brush to settle the traces in a perfect manner. Keep the hair messy, it appears amazing.

Emma Roberts Short Hair

emma roberts

The short choppy haircut works for any hair type.  For the one who has thin hair, this hairdo creates volume and increases dimension.

Beyonce Choppy Blunt Bob

beyonce choppy blunt bob

The Sleek and smooth hairstyle is here. This short hairdo is being parted from one side and is simply smoothened with an iron rod. The look is a perfection on blonde hairs. The hair length should touch your neck.

Jessica Alba Short Hair

jessica alba short hair

Jennifer Lawrence Wave Bob Hair

jennifer lawrence wave bob hair

Cameron Diaz Choppy Bob

cameron diaz choppy bob

Taylor Swift Chop Hair

taylor swift

Rihanna Short Choppy Pixie Hair


This side swept bang to a pixie cut represents a quick update to the old look. Use of pomade is somehow a must with this styling. Grab some cute metallic barrettes to tuck the long pieces back.

Side Swept Short Hair Style

lovely short hair style1


Edgy Choppy Hair Style

choppy hair style


The style suits the girls with the long neck. The bouncy and messy look go side by side and the blond highlight makes it quite edgy. Perfect for any informal party! Keep the layers pieced and unkempt.

Curly Short Choppy Hair

curly short coppy hairstyle 2


The dark root and spiky edges are easier to maintain. And the floppy layers keep the look intact. Curl pieces of hairs that are away from the face and leave the ends uncurled.

Short Pixie Haircut

summer hair style2


Blonde Short Choppy Hairstyle

modern short choppy hairstyle


Layer cutting often serves thickness on the scalp. Short haircuts are a way to shed off the hair yet maintain thickness. Keep hair flowing on one side and maintain the natural color of your tresses. For a messy look, use the dryer and let the hairs settle.

Blunt Bob Choppy Hair Style

beautiful choppy hair style


Choppy Chop Haircut

awesome hair style8


Comb-over Short Hair Style

perfect short hairstyle


Short Choppy Hair with Bangs

short choppy hair style


Choppy Bob Haircut for Women

choppy haircut for women


Wavy Short Hairstyle

amazing short hairstyle


Choppy Haircut with Layers

new trendy hair style7


Choppy Hair with Flicks

women short choppy hairstyle


All the short choppy haircuts are performed on the basis of bob, pixie, and layer. But with some innovation, you can use these traditional haircuts as a fresh impression. Pick them according to your facial shape, expression, attitude and skin tone and simply meet the real you. Always dress up according to the haircut.

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