Messy hairstyles are sexy. A hairstyle that is messy yet looks chic and stylish on any woman definitely, has to be the top knot bun! There are different variations in this style that have been for late featured by various celebs and they definitely are rocking this trend. Scroll down to see some of the hottest celebs in town sporting the messy top knot hair do.

Kendall Jenner Half Top Knot

kendall jenner half top knot

Kendall sports a very chic topknot on the head and has her hair open. This is a very trendy hairstyle which can be sported for all types of hair and all types of face cuts. Off late various celebs and fashionistas have been seen sporting this effortlessly stylish half top knot.

Karlie Kloss Cute Top Bun

karlie kloss cute top bun

As you can see Karlie Kloss is seen donning the messy hair bun with a top knot. A few bangs in the face are seen that complements with the bun perfectly. This messy top knot is cute and looks insanely stylish in every event, casual or formal. You may also see Messy Ponytail Designs

Julianne Hough’s Loose Top Knot

julianne houghs loose top knot

Julianne is seen wearing a loose top knot bun which is perfectly messy. A messy top knot flatters almost every kind of outfit, be it a casual tee and pants or a gown on the red carpet. A loose top knot without strands of hair on the face is perfect.

Vanessa Hudgens Top Knot Bun

vanessa hudgens top knot bun

Vanessa is totally slaying the top knot bun with her brunette hair, this top knot looks pretty without bands on the face. Hair is tightly packed into a top knot bun. She stuns us with a pair of silver tassel earrings and that knotty hairstyle.

Sarah Hyland Messy Top Knot

sarah hyland messy top knot

Sarah Hyland makes a fashion statement with her messy top knot bun which has been tied around with plaited hair. With a simple black outfit and subtly smoky eyes, Sarah looks absolutely stunning and like a true fashion icon.

Chrissy Teigen Messy High Bun

chrissy teigen messy high bun

Chrissy is seen sporting a half bun which is messy and super high. The open hair complements the high bun. She rocks the messy half knot bun in a casual style. This hairstyle is perfect for shoulder length hair and blondes as well as brunettes

Gillian Zinser Perfect Messy Top Knot

gillian zinser perfect messy top knot

Gillian sports a messy top knot bun that is slightly different from the rest, yet is super stylish. An oh-so-messy hair knot with the hair parted on both the sides to add to the mess, this look is absolutely effortless and chic.

Kate Hudson Two Toned Top Bun

kate hudson two toned top bun

Kate Hudson flaunts a two toned top bun that is simple, chic and of course messy. This messy bun can be sported at all times, be it a red carpet event or just about an evening out with the girls. All girls can rock this top messy bun with poise.

January Jones Blonde Messy Top Knot

january jones blonde messy top knot

January Jones is seen on the red carpet with this messy top knot in her blonde hair. The hair is tightly wrapped into a messy top bun with a few strands of her hair falling on the sides which make the messy look even better.

Dianna Agron Top Knot With Bangs

dianna agron top knot with bangs

Dianna Agron sports a lovely top knot with bangs in the front in her gorgeous brown hair. The top knot has been neatly wrapped up at the top to create the perfect messy bun. Bangs on two sides of her forehead fall loosely and look super trendy. You may also see Short Choppy Hairstyles

Braided Top Knot Hairstyle

braided top knot hairstyle


Simple Top Knot Bun Hairstyle

simple top knot bun hairstyle


Faded Top Knot Hairstyle for Men

faded top knot hairstyle for men


Cute Bun Hairstyle for Short Hair

cute bun hairstyle for short hair


Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

half up half down hairstyle1


Lovely Top knot for Long Hair

lovely top knot for long hair


Pretty Updo Hairstyle for Women

pretty updo hairstyle for women


Undercut Designed Updo Hairstyle

undercut designed updo hairstyle


Awesome Two Toned Top Knot Hairstyle

awesome two toned top knot hairstyle


Messy hair is an upcoming fad in hairstyles and definitely the ‘it’ thing of the season. The best thing about this hair trend is that it requires minimum effort yet makes you look super stylish. The messy hair bun can be tied by wrapping the hair around the head and has to be finished with a hair spray to keep it intact.

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