When it comes to a hairstyle, one makes all the other less important. It is a bow hairstyle, which is fun and pretty. It is incredible how adorable styles you can get without a ribbon or any other piece for a bow. Your wisps will accentuate the whole hairstyle from astonishing to an ultra cool.

Lady Gaga Bow Hairstyle

lady gaga bow hairstyle

Lady Gaga is the one who promoted this kind of a personal appearance. This is a quite trendy design, which includes big bows on the top of the head. The big black sunglasses will make you cool anyway you turn.

Bow Braid Hairstyle Design

bow braid hairstyle design


This kind of a bow hairstyle is pretty and neat. In order to achieve this, you will have to separate your rear part at the two portions upper and lower. Upper part will take some skill to make bows in the desired way, but a lower part is a normal braided hair.

Bow Bun Hairstyle Idea

bow bun hairstyle idea


Once again, bow guru Lady Gaga makes this kind of hairstyle a winner combination when it comes to an overall look. It doesn’t matter if you are in the film studio or street, this is something which will turn the attention of every curious eye.

Curly Bow Hairstyle

curly bow hairstyle


Are you ready to meet your perfect haircut? This will be an ultimate solution for you! In case you have blonde colored hair, consider to make a change. This hair-bow has raising a positive criticism since Gaga stepped out on a red carpet and scene.

Bow Knot Hairstyle

bow knot hairstyle


Perfect way to express your feelings and emotions by this kind of a bow. Lace up the bow at the top of the head just by using a whole hair as wisp and tie the bow at appropriate place.

Messy Bow Hairstyle Idea

messy bow hairstyle idea


Just leave the wisps and curly part to spread apart and do the butterfly like wings symmetrical behind your head. This is so nonchalant and sexy hairstyle that every girl will envy you.

Half Updo Bow Hairstyle

half updo bow hairstyle


Why is the bow so inherently girly powered? Because it is so sweet and when worn well, it will give you glamorous look from a fairy tale. It is usually appropriate to younger generations of women as it gives them a youthful and original vibration.

Layered Bow Hairstyle

layered bow hairstyle


Many people think this kind of a bow is appropriate for senior woman, but we think just the opposite. It is for all ages and occasions, as it flirts with its surrounding at the maximum level. This is possible to achieve by doing the bows in several layers which will accentuate this kind of cool outcome.

Rihanna Bow Hairstyle Design

rihanna bow hairstyle design

This kind of a bow hairstyle is suitable for a picnic or any other fashion event that might show up around a corner. Rihanna’s style features bow details by using a scarf. Simple solution, to get a charming and sexy look, at the same time.

Cute Little Bow Hairstyle

cute little bow hairstyle


Low Bun with Bow Hairstyle

low bun with bow hairstyle


Flow Bow Hairstyle

flow bow hairstyle


Bow Fishtail Hairstyle

bow fishtail hairstyle


Low Braid Bow Hairstyle

low braid bow hairstyle


High Bow Hairstyle

high bow hairstyle


Side Braid Bow Hairstyle

side braid bow hairstyle


We have saved the cutest for the end. If you have little princes at home, we recommend this is the perfect option for her. Do the bow at the top of the head and leave wisps or braids at the both sides. Appropriate for a mum and a daughter at the same time.

Natural Bow Hairstyle

natural bow hairstyle


Bow Hairstyle for Long Hair

bow hairstyle for long hair


Side Bow Hairstyle Design

side bow hairstyle design


This is a very amusing idea to play with. You will leave everybody speechless. For additional ideas we can recommend to break bow bun into several layers and tie them up asymmetrically. Start by gathering all your locks or wisps into a high ponytail and loop the hair through a ribbon. Secure with bobby pins and you will be ready to go.

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