Crew cuts are stylish and cool on their own. They suit almost every type of face cut and become a hit during summers. Men usually like to chop off their thick hair during summers and crew cuts are the best form of haircut as they are short and cool.

Crew cuts generally are done by chopping off the front portion of hair and keeping the sides even shorter. They are super cool, comfortable and stylish. Below are some of the stylish crew cut hairstyles sported by some of your fave celebs.

Ryan Gosling Buzz Cut

ryan gosling buzz cut

Ryan Gosling sports a very trendy buzz cut where the top portion of the hair is clipped short whereas the side tapes being shorter than that. We find Ryan’s buzz cut a perfect way to flaunt the cool summer hair.

Shahid Kapoor Crew Cut Hairstyle

shahid kapoor crew cut hairstyle

Shahid Kapoor who had sported the crew cut hairstyle for his movie Haider looks dapper in this neat hairstyle. An ideal way to sport the summer hair with a beard like Shahid is absolutely fuss-free yet stylish. The beard looks dapper with the minimalist hairstyle on the actor. You may also see Fade Haircut Designs

Channing Tatum Short Haircut

channing tatum short haircut

This is yet another summer loving haircut sported by the heartthrob Channing Tatum. He looks dapper with a stubble frenching along with the very cool and short crew cut. It absolutely flatters the shape of his face.

David Beckham Crew Cut

david beckham crew cut

David Beckham’s crew cut is the go-to way for sporting summer hair. He has his front portion hair almost cut into a zero cut with relatively shorter side tapes, and not to miss the subtle beard on that charming face.

Chris Evans Spiked Crew Cut

chris evans spiked crew cut

Chris Evans sure knows how to sport the trendiest haircut with a twist. His crew cut has mini spikes which he neatly combs it backwards on a red carpet appearance. He totally slays the crew cut trend.

Brad Pitt Crew Cut Hairstyle

brad pitt crew cut hairstyle

Brad Pitt always surprises his fans with new hairstyles and this time around he sports yet another kind of crew cut which is even on all sides and has a zero cut finish. This haircut is simple and fuss-free, perfect for the summers.

Eminem Stylish Crew Cut

eminem stylish crew cut

Rap King Eminem dons the crew cut hairstyle with as much poise as ever. The top portion of the hair is only slightly clipped which he chooses to comb it neatly. The sides are short as usual making him look dapper.

Wentworth Miller Trendy Haircut

wentworth miller trendy haircut

Wentworth Miller’s is yet another trendy haircut which has been evenly clipped short on all sides. It is a simple and stylish haircut which is ideal for a casual look. His handsome looks are polished with this edgy hairstyle.

Aaron Paul Crew Cut Hair

aaron paul crew cut hair

Aaron Paul’s crew cut is similar to that of David Beckham. All the sides of the hair have been clipped short. The beard on his face along with the subtle moustache adds much grace to his look. His masculine look with this simple haircut is making our hearts melt. You may also see Disconnected Haircut Ideas

Matthew Fox Classy Haircut

matthew fox classy haircut

Fox is seen featuring a very edgy haircut in his dark black hair which is of course very classy. This crew cut is not clipped too much, maintaining an even amount of hair on almost all sides of the head but is still short and crisp.

Spiked Haircut for Men

spiked haircut for men


Side Part Crew Cut Hairstyle

side part crew cut hairstyle


Formal Buzz Cut Hairstyle

formal buzz cut hairstyle


Buzz Cut Hairstyle for Thin Hair

buzz cut hairstyle for thin hair


Side Shaved Hairstyle Idea

side shaved hairstyle idea


Stylish Crew Cut for Men

stylish crew cut for men


These classy men’s hairstyles for summer are sure to add freshness and a zing appeal to their looks. Have you done your summer haircut yet? Get inspiration from these hot bods on how to sport the casual and cool summer look with so much elegance and poise. Talk to your stylist and ask him to give you a crew cut that flatters your face shape well. If you are sporting a beard, make sure to clip up the top portion of your hair to minimum.

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