While a fade haircut has been the go-to hairstyle for men for many years, it has grown to become the hottest trend of the year. It caters specifically for short hair however you can experiment with different hair lengths to come up with a fade that looks sexy on you. With this style, you have the freedom to decide how long you want the top hair to be as long as the sides and back are short.

Taper Fade Haircuts

Whether you have kinky, curly or straight hair, the taper fade haircut will make you look trendy and attractive. This style features a longer crown and then gradually decreases in size to the nape as well as the sides. You can choose from the low taper fade to high taper fade haircuts.

Will Smith Bald Taper Fade Haircut

will smith bald taper fade haircut

Ryan Reynolds Low Taper Fade Haircut

ryan reynolds low taper fade haircut

High Taper Fade Haircut

high taper fade haircut


Bald Fade Haircuts

If you need a haircut that is both classic and modern, then go for the bald fade style. Bald fade haircuts are known for getting shorter as you move towards the neck. From bald fade with a pompadour, bald fade with a side part, the quiff to slicked back bald fade, you can choose a bald fade that looks good with your face shape.

Bald Low Fade Haircut

bald low fade haircut


Medium Bald Fade Haircut

medium bald fade haircut


Mohawk Fade Haircuts

The Mohawk is a style that looks good with both men who love contemporary cuts to those who want a trendy style that fits with their lifestyle. These cuts allow the hair on the sides to be shorter than the crown so that the longer hair can be lifted into a Mohawk.

Comb Over Fade Haircuts

If you have baldness issues, then the comb over haircut is perfect for you.  Comb over haircuts is made by keeping the top hair 2-3 inches longer than the bottom hair, and then part sided or combed in a sleek manner. It is flexible, low maintenance and gives you various styling options.

Mid Fade Comb Over Haircut

mid fade comb over haircut


Comb Over Fade Haircut with Line

comb over fade haircut with line


Skin Fade Comb Over Haircut

skin fade comb over haircut


Temple Fade Haircuts

Temple fade haircuts are one of the most popular fade styles and require a skilled barber to execute a clean yet sleek cut. In a temple fade cut, the hair between the temple and neck are faded using clippers, razors or trimmers allowing your facial features to stand out.

Curly Temple Fade Haircut

curly temple fade haircut


Temple Taper Fade Haircut

temple taper fade haircut


Temple Fade Haircut with Waves

temple fade haircut with waves


Curly Fade Haircuts

When you feel like fading your sides and keeping the crown curly then, curly fade haircuts will look beautiful with your short hair. You can opt to fade the sides and leave the top part to create a fringe or go for a clean side fade and a hard part.

Curly Box Fade Haircut

curly box fade haircut


Military Fade Haircuts

Military fade haircuts are classic and clean. When choosing, these haircuts ensure you go for a fade that conforms to your head shape and makes it easier to perform your daily grooming. You will know this style by the short length in the back and sides of the neck and a thicker top.

Military Skin Fade Haircut

military skin fade haircut


Military Low Fade Haircut

military low fade haircut


Skin Fade Haircuts

Guys, we are aware how you prefer low maintenance, yet trendy haircuts that look good on you and the skin fade haircut fits this description. The clean look makes these haircuts appropriate for work as well as casual events. The faded effect makes you look sharp, modern and sexy.

Skin High Fade Haircut

skin high fade haircut


Hipster Fade Haircuts

If you love to stay updated about fashion, then you must know about hipster haircuts. These haircuts are perfect for people in their 20s and 30s who can experiment with different ways to style the hair on the crown. Whether messy or sleek, hipster fade haircuts will help you stand out.

Hipster Fade Haircut with Beard

hipster fade haircut with beard


Spiky Fade Haircuts

Spiky fade haircuts are universally flattering, easy to style and look good on any hair type. You can go for long and sharp spikes or classic vertical spikes with clearly defined segments. If you worried your hair is too thick to stick into spikes, then blow dry it and use styling products or gel to hold the spikes.

Low Fade Spiky Hairstyle

low fade spiky hairstyle


Buzz Fade Haircuts

If you are looking for the easy to maintain a style that will depict your masculine features, then go for buzz fade haircuts. They are also ideal for receding hairlines and can work with extremely short hair to that which you can pass a comb over.

Buzz Mohawk Fade Hairstyle

buzz mohawk fade hairstyle


Short Buzz Fade Haircut

short buzz fade haircut


Short Fade Haircuts

Give your hair a fresh look by opting for short fade haircuts. These styles are done using clippers and can easily combine a low or high fade.

Short Curly Hair Fade Haircut

short curly hair fade haircut


Short Fade Haircut with Line

short fade haircut with line


Box Fade Haircuts

Box fade haircuts are popular with black men because their kinky hair makes it easier to cut short hair into a box style. Fading the hair on the sides leaves room to add unique patterns and edgy lines while the box shape on the crown makes the haircut even more stunning.

Blowout Fade Haircuts

The blowout cut which was popular in the 1900s has gradually become the go-to style for modern guys. It looks good on young kids, college kids and older men who prefer short hair and requires gel to create the blown out effect. You also need to use a hairdryer to give your hair texture.

Blowout Taper Fade Haircut

blowout taper fade haircut


Medium Fade Haircuts

Medium faded haircuts are great basic cuts that involve cutting the back and side hair using clippers and fading the same area down a few inches. It is suitable for hair with a medium length hence it can be a great transition style for guys who want to cut their long hair.

Medium Fade Haircut with Beard

medium fade haircut with beard


Medium Skin Fade Haircut

medium skin fade haircut


Shadow Fade Haircuts

Shadow Fade haircuts are clean, sleek and subtle. Suitable for those who work in the corporate industry, these cuts feature shorter hair on the back and blends into the crown hair length. You can opt to keep the top hair short, long, light or dark as long as it is longer than the side and back hair.

Shadow Fade Haircut with Part

shadow fade haircut with part


Shadow Fade Comb Over Haircut

shadow fade comb over haircut


Low Fade Haircuts

Low fade haircuts tend to have short hair at the back and sides of the head. On the top you can opt to curl, comb over, buzz, side part or style it into a Mohawk.

Low Skin Fade Haircut

low skin fade haircut


Low Temp Fade Haircut

low temp fade haircut


High Fade Haircuts

High fade haircuts are perfect for men who want to grow their crown hair. These haircuts start fading very high on the sides and back. You can even include a disconnected haircut line to make your fade more attractive and keep your top hair in any style you want.

High Bald Fade Haircut

high bald fade haircut


High Top Fade Haircut

high top fade haircut


Drop Fade Haircuts

Drop fade haircuts get their name because the fade continues to decrease as it passes the ears. This fading style creates a beautiful arch which gives the haircut a distinction and helps hides any flaws in the head structure. Drop fade haircut is perfect in a medium to low cut.

Slicked Back Drop Fade Haircut

slicked back drop fade haircut


Afro Drop Fade Haircut

afro drop fade haircut


Waves Fade Haircuts

Waves fade haircuts makes your short hair interesting to look at and takes away the simplicity associated with short hair. You can get waves by brushing your hair at an angle from the crown to the end of your hairline.

High Fade Haircut with Waves

high fade haircut with waves


Low Fade Haircut with Waves

low fade haircut with waves


Fade Haircuts are low maintenance and make short hair interesting to look at. It also draws attention towards your facial features enabling you to depict your masculinity and style. Getting a fade haircut shows that you care about how you look and are willing to give your hair a fresh look while hiding your facial flaws. It is the latest hair trend that gives you the freedom to choose from low to high fade haircuts.

Faded Haircuts continue to evolve to suit the different shapes of people. Even though simple, it takes a skilled barber to give you a good fade so ensure you have one who understands your lifestyle as well as your hair needs. So be inspired and choose short haircuts that compliment your face shape.

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