The Quiff hairstyle can be designed in several ways, but the styling also highly depends on the texture of your hair. While this popular and quirky hairstyle for men is labeled as ‘Quiff’ by some whereas some call it as the brushed up hair. This hairstyle is vintage-ish and has made a comeback in the recent times.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Quiff hairstyles sported by the hottest men around the world.

David Beckham Cool Undercut Hairstyle

david beckham cool undercut hairstyle

For achieving this ultra sexy Quiff as sported by Mr. Beckham, just blow dry your hair and with the help of your fingertips, work your hair upwards as you run the drier. You have to gently pull your hair forward and bend it back for that Beckham inspired Quiff shape in your head.


Ryan Reynolds Quiff Hairstyle

ryan reynolds quiff hairstyle

Ryan Reynolds Quiff is more on the messier side! We are in love with his straight out of the bed hairdo. You can literally comb your hair with your fingertips if you have this kinda hairstyle.

Brad Pitt Short Quiff Haircut

brad pitt short quiff haircut

The oh-so-casual quiff donned by Brad Pitt is one hairstyle men have followed over decades. This Quiff is more on the sharper and sleeker side, this quiff by Brad pitt requires a good amount of length on top and shorter back and sides. This quiff is one eye catchy hairstyle

Justin Bieber with Top Quiff Hairstyle

justin bieber with top quiff hairstyle

Justin Bieber’s awesome Quiff hairstyle can be achieved by an undercut on the sides, this not only looks cool and clean on the sides but also balances the look with a dramatic twist on the top.

Modern Quiff Hairstyle for Men

modern quiff hairstyle for men


A modern Quiff is a haircut that requires max amount of scalp exposure, the more the contrast, the more dynamic and catchy your hair is ought to look. you could also maintain a less dramatic and more balanced look by cutting short the length of your hair on top.

Quiff Side Parted Haircut

quiff side parted haircut


The side parted quiff looks great on men with thick hair, and there’s something about men with thick hair that makes a man more ‘manly’. The side parted quiff looks classy, clean and coy.  Slightly brush your quiff to one side and you are all set to rock a hot hairstyle.

Quiff Haircut with Beard

quiff haircut with beard


A Quiff haircut with beard! Well, did someone just say beard? Yes! Beards on men are as hot as makeup on women, perhaps they are the best accessory for a man. Any kind of quiff coupled with beard on a man is a complete turn on!

Quiff with Faded Sides

quiff with faded sides


Quiff with faded sides is a great way to maintain thin hair for men. Perhaps a side parted quiff with faded sides can make your hair appear thicker.

Dark Blonde Choppy Quiff

dark blonde choppy quiff


This ultra modern Quiff is one sexy hairstyle men can sport, with dark blonde hair this choppy hair couldn’t have gotten any better. Well, we surely think it is a head turner!

Long Quiff Hairstyle

long quiff hairstyle


A long Quiff can flatter round and square cut faces very well. Men can flaunt a long quiff on the top with exuberance. Blow-dry your hair and while you do that, simultaneously use a vented brush to sweep the hair on the top of your head. Do this for both sides and finally use your brush to pull your hair upward.

Clean Combover Quiff Haircut

clean combover quiff haircut


Quiff Hairstyle for Medium Hair

quiff hairstyle for medium hair


Top Quiff Haircut Idea

top quiff haircut idea


Quiff Side Swept Hairstyle

quiff side swept hairstyle


Messy Quiff Haircut

messy quiff haircut


Long Side Quiff Hairstyle for Boys

long side quiff hairstyle for boys


For achieving a super sexy quiff hairstyle on men you have to firstly, shampoo and towel dry your hair. The secret to achieving an incredibly sexy hairstyle is having well maintained hair and yes, a proper hair styling product, perhaps hair wax or a hair spray to ensure your hair remains intact after styling.

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