By buds, we don’t mean flowers. Braiding since time immemorial, is not a mere hairstyle to suit one’s fashion needs, but it’s also a communal activity, particularly amongst women. Braiding another woman’s hair was once seen as an act of confidence, of trust that you usually gave to someone close – like a mother, sister, close friend or (closeted) lover in those days. And today, it’s still a tradition in that sense. Little girls learn how to tie or plait their hair from maternal figures and pass that knowledge to those younger than themselves – sisters, daughters, nieces.

Kerihilson Senegalese Twisted Hairstyle

kerihilson senegalese twisted hairstyle

Senagalese Twist: The Senagalese twist is great for parties or the beach – it’s a little difficult to create and time-consuming if you’re new at this, but it looks and feels different all right! To create this, wash and detangle your hair before separating it into proper sections. Braid hair of at least 1.2 to 2 cms and create a tight twist on each. Check out singer Keri Hilson’s below.

Beyonce Twist Braids

beyonce twist braids

Beyonce’s twisted braids are perfect for her on stage – and perfect for you during those summer evening barbeques! Pair them with a white top and long skirt, before adding a bright big flower to the mix.

Janet Jackson Twist Braid Pony

janet jackson twist braid pony

You can even do a twist braid pony like Janet Jackson, or a half-up half-down as well.

Jessica Williams Box Braids HairStyle

jessica williams box braids hair

Box braids are individual braids separated by sections called boxes. They’re easier to manipulate than cornrows, and can be maintained with a bit of synthetic hair and products for months at a time. Check out Jessica Williams’ braids, with volume added and swept over head in order to not look too frizzy.

Rita Ora Box Braid HairStyle

rita ora box braid hairstyle

You could also add some colourful extensions and plait your box braids into bigger plaits to create a neat but intricate maze of hair like Rita Ora, that screams total enjoyment of the style and confidence you’re going to exude!

Teyana Taylor Cornrow Braids

teyana taylor cornrow braids

Braid your hair closely to the scalp, design cool patterns while you’re at it, and voila! You’ve got yourself cornrows! They’re super easy to pull off, especially if you have the facial structure for it. Check out Teyena Taylor’s cute braids, paired with a lively red jacket and a surprisingly matching camouflage scarf.

Ciara Jumbo Cornrow Twist Braid

ciara jumbo cornrow twist braid

It’s not all casual games either – cornrows can help you exude serious star power if you wear them right. Take your cue from Ciara here, in a glamourous blue dress. Cornrows also go with the little black dress; they in fact make it look less stuffy and more flirtatiously fun!

Christina Milian Cornrows Updo

christina milian cornrows updo

Christina Milian shows that sleek dresses needn’t always have sleek, straight hair to put together a cool look. Her slicked back cornrows speak volumes – she’s at a formal event, but she sure is ready to enjoy it!

The twisted braid hairstyle is an example, and is of African origins, today still more commonly worn by those from that region, and by African-American or European people. It’s complicated, but fun to try out and here are some great ideas to try out!

Blonde Twisted Braid Idea

blonde twisted braid idea


Two Twisted Braids

two twisted braids


Side Swept Box Braid Idea

side swept box braid idea


Braid Long Twisted Hairstyle

braid long twisted hairstyle


Twisted Bun Updo

twisted bun updo


French Twisted Braid Idea

french twisted braid idea


Twisted Braid Idea for Kid

twisted braid idea for kids


Bridal Twisted Braid Hairdo

bridal twisted braid hairdo


Awesome Twisting Braid Hairstyle

awesome twisting braid hairstyle


So that’s your to-go list whenever you have a serious case of braid-itis! Read up on how braiding came to be – the style has got a surprisingly long history, rich in details of customs and traditions, of how certain braids were used to differentiate between ladies and peasants, queens and the other noblewomen. From the ancient Egyptians to various tribes in Western and Sub-Saharan Africa, braids are varied in their complexity and how they’re worn. Hope these tips have helped! Send us pictures of your own experiments and designs!


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