From the beginning of the 90’s, most of the African and American women were seen with crochet braided hairstyles. Hairstyles play an important role in the appearance of a person. All of us are familiar with regular hairstyles. Braided hairstyle is done by almost all women. Girls use crochet extensions for a crochet twist.

They are mostly done by beautiful ladies of Africa. Different styles are available under this section also. And they look absolutely amazing.

Senegal is a Republic in western Africa, which was a French colony till 1958 and was independent in 1960. This style has come from ladies of this region and so it is named as Senegalese. This style looks too good on those ladies and it perfectly suits them.

Crochet Kinky Twist Hairstyle

crochet kinky twist hairstyle


In this style, braids are done all over to set a base for the styling. They are twisted in such a way that they stay for longer. It looks gorgeous and can wear it for any type of occasion. It is done in such a way that extensions are always used.

Braided Crochet Twist Hair

braided crochet twist hair1


This is also done on basic box braids. They are then twisted in a perfect manner to give them a better look. When they are done perfectly they stay for a longer period. For better results get it done by a trained hair stylist. After installing extensions you can give them desired hairstyle.

Crochet twist on braided hair can be done for long hair also by applying for long crochet extensions. This hairstyle on long hair is just an example of what all styling you can do on this particular long twisted crochet. All ladies wearing this hairstyle can do it for casual outing as per one’s comfort.

Pre Twisted Crochet Hair

pre twisted crochet hair


This hairstyle can be done as per requirements. Of course, there is a particular technique to get this style done. This is the early stage of perfectly twisted crochet. Anyways, anyone can go for it, but make sure it suits your face and your skin color. Besides you should also be comfortable in this. Get it done by a trained person to make it look extremely beautiful.

Crochet Nubian Twists

crochet nubian twists


We read about different types of crochet twisted hairstyles, there is this Nubian twisted crochet also which is available. Specifically, crochet twist done by Nubian ladies is named for this particular hairstyle. This looks good for parties and evening events.

This name is different whereas the design looks same like other styles. But there is a difference in every style mentioned in this article. Check out this hairstyle for example.

Crochet Deep Twist Hairstyle

crochet deep twist hairstyle


This hairstyle is done on the basic braids like other hairstyles. In this styling, thick crochet hair extensions are installed and these twists look thicker than other regular crochet twists. Once done no need to change it again and again. It gives a perfect texture to the natural twist hairstyles.

Crochet Fluffy Twist Hair

crochet fluffy twist hair


This fluffy crochet look is simply WOW. Like deep twists, this is even thicker and covers your head like a big cotton ball. It gives you hair design a fluffy and a bouncy look. It can be done at home but is perfectly done by a trained stylist. You can braid a particular portion for styling.

Crochet Jumbo Twists Hairstyle

crochet jumbo twists hairstyle


As per the name Jumbo, yes these crochet extensions used are long and they look very long after styling. You can style your jumbo twists into any desired hairstyle. Like different hairstyles for different occasions with jumbo crochet, twist looks absolutely stunning and charming.

Crochet Twist Updo Hair

crochet twist updo hair


Bun Crochet Twist Hairstyle

bun crochet twist hairstyle


Crochet Twist Faux locs Hair

crochet twist faux locs hair


Crochet Twist High Ponytail

crochet twist high ponytail


Deep Crochet Twist Hair

deep crochet twist hair


It is one of the beautiful designs for hair styling in Africa and similar countries. ‘Crochet needle’ is used for this hairstyling. Long Hairstyles are commonly done on Kinky Twist Hairstyles and also Natural Twist Hairstyles giving it a perfect look to all ladies taking this design as a hairstyle. When various different colors experiment, it has always given a beautiful look with no hard efforts.

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