Of all the accessories that enhance beauty, bracelets add visual interest and make any basic outfit look well put together. From chains, pearls, leather to bangles, there are many bracelets style that you can wear. With so many events to attend in a year, it is best to have different styles of bracelets. While you can wear one statement bracelet that makes your outfit stand out, mixing different colors and shapes creates a unique look.

String Bracelet Designs

String bracelet designs are worn in multiples to create a layering effect that is elegant and chic. These types of bracelets are inexpensive and can feature more than three vibrant string colors intertwined together. They make perfect friendship gifts and are a favorite for the youth or kids in college.

Red String Bracelet Design

red string bracelet design


Paracord Bracelet Designs

Paracord bracelets which are popularly known as survival bracelets are made using parachute code material. They come in different colors and size therefore both guys and ladies can choose a Paracord bracelet design that reflects their style.

Paracord Survival Bracelet Design

paracord survival bracelet design

Two Color Paracord Bracelet Design

two color paracord bracelet design2


Camo Paracord Bracelet Design

camo paracord bracelet design2


Loom Bracelet Designs

Loom bracelet designs are made using colorful rubber bands. They feature single or double fishtail, railroad, triple single and square bracelets design and tend to incorporate more than three colors. Suitable for kids, adults can still wear this bracelet with casual outfits such as jeans and t-shirts or tank tops.

Fun Loom Bracelet Design

Loom Beaded Bracelet Design

loom beaded bracelet design


Leather Bracelet Designs

Leather bracelets are a favorite to many men. They tend to prefer black or brown leather bracelet designs which match with many outfits, enhance the style and shows masculinity. Regarding occasions, they are more flexible and can be layered with beaded bracelets. They are inexpensive and appeal more to the youths.

Handmade Leather Bracelet Design

handmade leather bracelet design


Flat Leather Bracelet Design

flat leather bracelet design

Gold Bracelet Designs

Gold bracelet designs are bold and on their own, they make a statement. When you are in the mood of mixing and matching then try gold bracelets with other shapes as long as all of them are in the same metal color. Combining too many colors with gold bracelets creates a messy look.

Gold Chain Bracelet Design

gold chain bracelet design

Gold Cuff Bracelet Design

gold cuff bracelet design

Beaded Bracelet Designs

Whether as a single strand or when layered with another type of bracelets, beaded bracelets best suit formal and casual events. For the best beaded layering look, mix and match small with large beaded bracelets as well as different colors. Avoid wearing more than three large beaded bracelets on one hand.

Glass Beaded Bracelet Design

Beaded Charm Bracelet Design

beaded charm bracelet design

Hawaiian Bracelet Designs

Suitable when going for a vacation, Hawaiian bracelet designs will add color to a monochrome outfit. They tend to combine various vibrant colors to create designs that complement all skin tones. Even if you are not going to a vacation, you can still wear your Hawaiian bracelet to portray an exotic image.

Rose Gold Hawaiian Bracelet Design

rose gold hawaiian bracelet design

Wire Bracelet Designs

Whether with gold, silver, platinum or copper, wire bracelet designs will always be trendy. They are usually twisted to form a beautiful pattern that will look good on your hands. Most of the wire bracelets are adjustable, so you get a design that fits perfectly in the hand.

Crochet Wire Bracelet Design

crochet wire bracelet design


Braided Wire Bracelet Design

braided wire bracelet design


Cuff Bracelet Designs

Suitable for both men and women, cuff bracelet designs are the statement accessories that will ensure you stand out from a crowd. You can wear gold, silver or chunky design as a single piece or mix with other accessories to show style and to look stunning.

Metal Cuff Bracelet Design

metal cuff bracelet design


Beaded Cuff Bracelet Design

beaded cuff bracelet design


Pearl Bracelet Designs

When going to work, you need your outfit to suit the theme as well as express personal style. Pearl bracelets are fashionable to make you look polished and tend to suit ladies who love vintage jewelry. Wear a pearl bracelet design with a cocktail dress.

Faux Pearl Bracelet Design

faux pearl bracelet design


Black Pearl Bracelet Design

black pearl bracelet design


Ruby Bracelet Designs

When wearing a sleeveless or strapless dress, the best way to make your arms noticeable is to wear a ruby bracelet design. While you can pair it with a red dress, opt for a black or white garment and avoid bold geometric patterns. Either way, the ruby bracelet should support the dress color.

Ruby Gold Bracelet Design

ruby gold bracelet design


Vintage Ruby Bracelet Design

vintage ruby bracelet design


Crystal Bracelet Designs

Crystal bracelet designs add a touch of sparkle to a subtle outfit. Suitable for ladies who love portraying their feminine style, you can pair this type of bracelet with alternating small beads or layer together different crystal designs to make a simple yet fabulous statement. Crystal bracelets match with metal accessories.

Beaded Crystal Bracelet Design

Crystal Ball Bracelet Design

crystal ball bracelet design


Silver Bracelet Designs

Silver bracelets design are timeless and will make your outfit look elegant. This type of bracelets can be easily customized to highlight your personality and can be paired with other accessories to portray your style. To add a hint of elegance, then go for those silver bracelets with beautiful charms.

Antique Sterling Silver Bracelet Design

antique sterling silver bracelet design


Wood Bracelet Designs

Wood bracelet designs are not only attractive but also show a traditional element. Chunky wood bracelets are a favorite to many women, and they work well to make a boring outfit look chic. Use a wood bracelet to complement other accessories. Avoid pairing wood bracelets with metal or colored gemstones.

Wood Skull Bracelet Design

wood skull bracelet design


Wooden Cuff Bracelet Design

Turquoise Bracelet Designs

Special occasions are the perfect time to wear glamorous turquoise bracelet designs. They are not only stunning, but the bold color will make your hand stand out. The trick to wearing this type of bracelet is to avoid layering with other accessories unless you are wearing a thin turquoise bracelet.

Turquoise Stone Bracelet Design

turquoise stone bracelet design


Turquoise Slave Bracelet Design

turquoise slave bracelet design


Braided Bracelet Designs

When wearing traditional casual clothing or a fun casual attire, a braided bracelet design will make you look dignified. However, the best time to wear your braided bracelet is with a French braid or any funky braided hairstyle.

Chocolate Diamond Bracelet Design

chocolate diamond bracelet design

Blue Diamond Bracelet Design

blue diamond bracelet design

Garnet Bracelet Designs

Garnet is a gemstone which has been making beautiful jewelry for many centuries. Garnet bracelet designs make a perfect gift for girls whose birthday is in January or as a way of celebrating the second anniversary. You can get these unique bracelet designs in red, blue and green colors.

Silver Garnet Bracelet Design

silver garnet bracelet design

Metal Bracelet Designs

While metal bracelet designs look good with a casual outfit, it is best to avoid wearing this type of jewelry when in an office. Metal bangle bracelets give an outfit a feminine look and make even a simple outfit look cool. To grab attention, go for metal bracelets in bold prints or vibrant colors.

Plain Metal Bracelet Design

plain metal bracelet design

Handmade Metal Bracelet Design

handmade metal bracelet design


Metal Bangle Bracelet Design

metal bangle bracelet design


Heart Bracelet Designs

When wearing a feminine outfit such as a cute black dress or a floral cocktail outfit then a heart shaped bracelet will create a perfect blend. Use this bracelet to reflect your relationship status or to express how much you love your significant other. A heart bracelet is also the ideal gift for Valentine.

Heart Locket Bracelet Design

heart locket bracelet design


Open Heart Bracelet Design

open heart bracelet design

Double Heart Bracelet Design

double heart bracelet design


Bracelets work to draw attention towards the beauty of your fingers and hand. So pick a design that complements your skin tone, outfit and highlights your fashion style. When layering different bracelets, opt for materials that complement each other and keep other accessories simple.

Loom bracelet designs are the easiest and most inexpensive. To make this bracelet you need small colored rubber bands, S-clip, and a bracelet loom or your fingers. First measure your wrist size, then make a figure 8 loop on two fingers and add a single loop on top. Pull the right and left side under the top one then attach the S clip at the end.

There are many bracelet designs that will look good on both men and women of any age. Bracelets featuring charms are ideal for kids, leather and beaded designs are a favorite for guys while ladies tend to go for those with gemstones. Whatever bracelet design you choose, go for those that look stunning on your wrist.

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