Rainbow loom bracelets with their fun and casual design are easy to make and pair. If you are a beginner or a craft enthusiast, looking for a creative project to undertake this Holiday season, the rainbow loom bracelets designed using rubber bands and a rainbow loom board are the best available option. We have today compiled a set of 10 styles and designs that you can try for your colourful and easy project.

1. Fishtail Bracelet

One of the first and basic to begin with, this fishtail rainbow loom bracelet is easy to make and the best design to start of your loom project. You can even make a necklace, headband or belt if you have enough bands.

2. Triple Single Bracelet

One of the very fashionable choices, this triple single bracelet can be customised as per the preferred choice of the colour palette. You can either stick to the basic or go for a rainbow coloured bracelet option.

3. Taffy Twist

If you are looking for a swirl design, this taffy twist bracelet can be easily made with three different set of colour bands. After you have almost mastered twisting three coloured bands on the loom, this is one design to opt for.

4. Rainbow Teardrop

This teardrop loom bracelet can be easily made with 2 to 3 different colours, but because the rainbow trend has swept all of us, it is one preferred colour option for the personal piece of jewellery.

5. Tulip

Resembling cute Spring tulips, the bracelet can be made with multicolour or single coloured band, the choice is all yours.

6. Confetti Crisscross

A little more complicated, this design is a perfect pick for the more experienced crafters. If done with precision, the design comes out clear and cool with a rainbow pattern reflecting underneath the crisscrosses.

7. Triple Fishtail

One of the second most popular after the fishtail bracelet, this triple fishtail bracelet is made by looming the bands off of the loom. You can either use just 6 pegs or make it till your desired length. Due to the size, the bracelet is heavier compared to the other bracelet designs.

8. Starburst

Easy to make, the bracelet can be customized with the preferred set of colours. The design comes out beautiful in all shades, but the rainbow selection certainly brings the perfect edge and charm.

9. Dragon Weave

It might look easy, but it will take a lot of patience and time to weave. Much like the fishtail type bracelets, it is woven off of the loom and of course, you can make it as long as you desire.

Pick the most preferred design and loom your way to the uplifting and vibrant rainbow trend.

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