Versace’s F/W 2017 Collection is all about being dynamic and strong. The silhouettes carry an outdoorsy feel and would definitely remind you of a stylish mountain climber. With the 80s and 90s influence, the outfits feature the signature baroque motifs of the brand. The use of bold prints with checks and graphic design bring out the elegance and grace in the finely crafted coats, jackets and sweatshirts. With an exceptional colour palette and even diverse selection of accessories, Fall Winter 2017/18 collection certainly reflects a modern day warrior.

1. Belted Coat

belted coat


Carrying an urban touch, the polished black belted coat will bring an added edge to your staple winter wear. The coat can be paired well with both jeans as well as trousers.

2. Graphic Printed Blazer

graphic printed blazer


One of the best-suited pieces for someone looking to turn around the look of their outfit with colour and sophistication. With a vibrant hued print, the colours beautifully complement the smooth black base of the blazer.

3. Checked Jackets

checked jackets


The red and black checked jacket is the ideal example of class and glam fused in one piece. Available in a bomber and regular style zipper jacket, the print is certainly a winter must have for the 2017-18 collection.

4. Black and White Patterned Jacket

black and white patterned jacket


If you like it evergreen and classy, this white and black patterned jacket comes in all the three popular and majorly worn styles. Matched with black sleeves and, below the knee silhouette, the pieces would pair well with multiple outfits.

5. Black is Beautiful

black is beautiful


Though a bit delayed on our list, but of Course, we have not forgotten about black and this solid black overcoat in a soft and plush material will surely give you one staple piece to wear throughout the winters.

6. Red Jacket

red jacket


With a perfect blend of color and style, the oversized red hoodie jacket is the perfect piece to give a vibrant turnaround to the white and black outfits in the closet.

7. Graphical Patterned Coat

graphical patterned coat


If you are looking to include a subtle yet posh patterned piece for your winter wear, this muted carrot red and dull black is the perfect piece to complement with casual and formal wear.

8. Trench Coat

trench coat


A trench coat is a must-have in everyone’s closet and this brown trench coat with a soft belt is definitely a neutral layering piece to add to your collection.

9. ‘Fur’fect



Dark gray fur added to the cuffs and hem bring a perfect touch of distinction and elegance to the dark brown coat. The inner fur lining makes sure the coat is extremely warm and comfortable.

10. Cream Brown Coat

cream brown coat


The fitted brown coat in cream brown color falls perfectly on the body and the belt flatters the waist and the bottom part.

Give your winter wardrobe an early update with these vibrant and subtle winter staples.

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