Autumn is here and soon winter will follow. And the outfit that always manages to rescue the ladies and their fashion self is the evergreen coats and jackets. No matter what the trend is, coat has always been a fashion essential in every fall-winter collection. They are practical and are available in variety of patterns, styles, colors and fabric. If you want to find out the perfect coat for this winter, check out our list here. We have selected a few must-have coat styles for the coming season.

10. Plaid Style Coats

plaid style coats

Plaid is the pattern of fall. It arrives with the arrival of fall and has managed to do so since many years. If you don’t prefer solid, monochromatic outfits, give plaid a try. It is a timeless pattern that doesn’t come with much risk like floral patterns.

9. Sleeveless Coats

sleeveless coats

The practicality of the coat is something we would leave on you to decide. Some people have their doubts about the sleeveless coats but we think these coats provide you with the maximum scope for experimentation. You can always mix and match it with a warm top or a cardigan.

8. Cropped Peacoats

cropped peacoats

If summers and spring were about crop tops, the fall and winters are going to be about cropped peacoats. These are the classic solid style coats that have been given a cropped makeover. They are perfect to carry with jeans, dresses as well as skirts.

7. Patchwork Coats

patchwork coats

If you are interested in DIYs and craft you must be familiar with the term, patchwork. Designers have also taken inspiration and created coats with similar pattern. Patchwork looks vibrant and warm and therefore can be easily associated with coat designs. It is done with the help of different colors and sometimes monochromatic hues are also used to create the patchwork.

6. Floral Prints

floral prints

Armani, D&G, Emilio Pucci have all included the floral prints in their coat designs. The floral print is one of the most trendy patterns of this year. And it has also been included in the coat designs. Match them well with accessories and try to keep the rest as plain as possible.

5. Oversized Coats

oversized coats

If you thought oversized sweatshirts are comfortable, try the oversized clothes. They are comfortable and come with a bonus of style and elegance. Keep aside the fitted outfits and try the oversized this winters. This style has been looked at as men’s fashion trend but in recent times, women seem to have adopted this trend.

4. Duffle Coats

duffle coats

Today duffle coats come in variety of styles and are available for all kind of body types. They are no more limited to being the long wool coats. They come in different lengths and cuts and designers have given them all sort of colors and patterns. This is one of the safest fashion choices that you can make for winters!

3. Military Style Coats

military style coats

These coats add a grace to your personality. Military style coats are here to stay. If you purchase one this season, you will definitely not regret the purchase. Pair them up with matching cloth and accessories, and create an intense and strong impression with your clothing.

2. Sheepskin Coats

sheepskin coats

Fur coats are very familiar and are everyone’s favorite. Another interesting option available if you want to opt for something other than fur is sheepskin. These coats look very sophisticated and are very cozy and comfortable. They also come with a variety of color options unlike the fur coats that have a limited range of colors.

1. Quilt Coats

quilt coats

Also knows as the puff coats, these coats have slowly started to take over the coat trends. If you don’t like the thick bulky coats you can always opt for a lighter version of the coat. These coats have been a hit on runways with Stella Mccartney, Alexander Mcqueen and Fendi coming up with thick covered quilt coats for the coming season.

With so many options, it can be difficult to choose one. No matter how many choices you make, keep in mind the purpose of your purchase, the style that suits you the most, the style you’ll be most comfortable in and, most importantly make sure you pick something that you really like and want can’t wait to own.

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