Design Trends came into existence on the 1st of January 2016 under the leadership of Johnny D, Editor. As we turn ONE today, we look back at our small steps to make such a fabulous impact in the world of design. Our nascent stage of evolving has been continuous since the past 12 months. One solid year of team efforts trying to achieve the best of the bests to compete with no other websites in the world, except SELF! Excellence has become a way of life at Design Trends’ office.

Even as a toddler in the “Design World of Architecture & Interiors / Fashion / Product & Graphic” – Design Trends created ripples and was being read phenomenally in more than 200 plus countries, in a very short span of 8 months! We have added 30 plus more countries to the 200 to make it 230 plus countries in just 12 months. The DT Team of editors, writers, publishers, designers, and management has put their hearts and souls to achieve this great success!

Renowned Architects, Interior Designers and Product Designers of the World have been interviewed with their prestigious award-winning projects with much success from across the world. The site is being followed and read by professionals, students, and amateurs from the respective fields. Design Trends has become a hot destination for design lovers and professionals. As many as 40 renowned award-winning architects, interior designers, and product designers have been featured in the span of last one year. More and more award-winners are now anxiously waiting for their projects to be featured in DT.

Johnny D, an international Editor-Writer has created a niche for interviewing renowned architects and designers. Renowned award-winning architects, interior designers and product designers of the world featured and interviewed are:


Dr. Luis de Garrido, Spain


Diego Guayasamin, Equador


Ko Makabe, USA


Maurizio Pellizzoni, Italy


Jon Sealey, UK


Mark Wood, UK


Carol Wilson-Frith


Davor Matekovic, Croatia


Misak Terzibasiyan, Holland


Jeremy Smith, New Zealand


Alberto Apostoli, Italy


Li Yizhong, China


Lydia Robinson, UK


Dr. Carlo Ratti, Italy,
Dr. Laura P. Spinadel, Austria,
Vincent Callebaut, France,
Jan van Rijs, Holland,
Steven Dwyer, USA,
Neil Stonell, UK,
James Cutler, UK,
Murat Tabanlio?lu, Turkey,
Étienne Tricaud, France,
Lina Ghotmeh, Lebanon-France,
Deborah Saunt, UK,
Christophe Rouselle, France,
Eric Strain, USA,
Sandra Coppin, UK,
John Marx, USA,
Jorge Canete, Switzerland,
Todd Saunders, Canada,
Andrew Todd, UK,
Gaurang Khemka, Singapore,
Jo Nagasaka, Japan,
Li Xiang, China,
Lyndon Neri, China,
Simon Rawlings, UK,
Yu Jordy Fu, UK


Alexander Lervik, Sweden


Valentino Marengo, Italy


Josh Owen, USA.

OUR SINCERE THANKS to all the renowned architects, interior designers, product designers and esteemed readers to make this possible. Each one of you, who have visited our website, we owe our sincere gratitude. Our efforts will continue with more diligence to give you the best of the world of design – be it from the Fashion, Graphic, Product, Architecture and Interiors World!

We truly value and wish to thank each one of you for your lovely testimonials about our sincere efforts. We certainly owe a great deal to be grateful to our esteemed readers, who are talking about our website and spread the word around. We welcome the new readers to become part of the design world of DT.

The Design Trends’ Team extends wonderful wishes for a rocking New Year 2017!


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