Everyone loves to have a little greenery around them. It is difficult to have a whole garden to ourselves but that should not stop one from little green experiments. There are many ways through which we can include plants in our interiors making the space vibrant and lively.  Even if you have a tiny apartment or a small balcony, there is no harm in creating a paradise of your own with some beautiful enchanting plants and flowers.

Start with Simple Pots

start with simple pots

Let’s start with the basic here. Go to a nursery and get some flower pots with plants. They come in small sizes and are easy to manage. You can also check out our list of plants that do not require much sunlight and can be managed easily inside home. You don’t have to purchase expensive planters and pots would save you a lot of money too. For starters you can also plant herbs if you don’t want to directly jump into big size plants or flowers.

Climbing Plants

climbing plants

This is most suitable for a balcony. If you have a balcony then you must not restrain yourself from the pleasure of decorating your balcony with some climbing plants. And the best part is that it is not only you will live and experience your fairy tale moments with the fascinating balcony but the passers-by will also spare few seconds of their lives in awe of the beautiful flowery green space. These climbing plants makes your house looks delightful  just from inside but also from outside. If you don’t have a balcony then you can also plants these climbing plants on your entrance gate. Nothing could be more welcoming than this.

Hanging Plants

hanging plants

This is out next favourite on the list after climbing plants. Instead of placing some pot in your rooms or balcony, you can the plants instead. You will need a hanging basket and need we tell you that you can create you own basket to hold the plants? Hanging plants have the capability to beautify your place instantly. They don’t even take much space and can be hanged anywhere from balcony to a veranda or a backyard. You can hang herbs in small basket and place it in your kitchen.

Garden in Wooden Pallet

garden in wooden pallet

Here is another addition to our DIYs with wooden pallets . This is a creative, interesting and cheap but effective idea to include plants and greenery in your area. If you have a wooden pallet lying around that you no more use then without further ado convert it into your rustic plant stand. You can use it as a multilayer stand for your small plants and herbs.

Kitchen Garden

kitchen garden

We all know organic is healthy and important in today’s day and age. Of Course we are not asking you to start off with organic farming but baby steps will bring no harm. You can have a mini kitchen garden of your own. This way you can get maximum benefits of including plants at your home. Start by planting herbs like cilantro or tea, you can also plant your greens for salad. If you don’t have pots or planters you can always use tin cans, remember our tin cans DIYs ?

Pebble Pot

pebble pot

Instead of purchasing expensive planters you can use old pots and convert it into something beautiful and use it as a flower pot. If you have a collection of pebbles from your last holiday then the best way to revisit the memory is by covering the pot with those pebbles. The pot will look exotic and so will you interior space and every time you look at the it will freshen up the good old times you had making them completely unforgettable. You’ll have lovely anecdote to share, every time people look and ask you about the pot.

Using Old Furniture as Flower Pot Stand

using old furniture as flower pot stand

After a certain point we all have a certain piece of furniture we don’t want, don’t use but is still lying around. Our next idea centres around such furniture. The best way to reuse such furniture by using it as a stand for your flower pot. It will provide an interesting old world charm to our modern space (we assume!). We bet you wouldn’t have thought how beautiful those worn out furniture pieces would look. You’ll know once you try!



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