One of the most used architectural and interior design material, wood, is a versatile piece to include in your home. It is not just valuable because of its sturdiness and timeless appeal, the elegant expression of wood helps to polish the appearance of your entire home.

If you are planning to give your home a wooden transformation we have enlisted the 10 best designs to provide you with the best and reliable inspiration.

Solid Wood Interior Doors

solid wood interior doors

Bring in the wooden transformation right from the entrance. You can include a dark wooden door with antique looking door knobs. Going ahead introduce the fine wooden flooring to your house. For adding a  rustic and charming feature,  compliment the look with brick or stone textured walls.

Hardwood Front Doors

hardwood front doors

Another way to include wooden door to your entrance is to go for hardwood front door. Match the look of the hardwood with an element of glass. The look is contemporary and if you think the solid wooden door holds a heavy facade then this wooden glass front door will be a perfect fit.  

Gray Wood Wall Paneling

grey wood wall paneling

Grey colored wooden paneling is an unusual look to include in your house. As the look and the color are warm and medium toned it will certainly suit well with all styles and decor of your home. You can even include light colored wooden flooring for accentuating the look further.

Modern Wood Paneling

modern wood paneling

Another unique way to include the look of wood in your modern living room is to experiment with the material on your wall. Try and include panels of different sizes on your wall for making the appearance edgy and classy. You can also see Wood Wall Art Designs

Sliding Wood Doors

sliding wood doors

Sliding wooden doors are perfect and a convenient fit for the space leading to your garden area. The look is warm and gives an even more pleasant and light look to your resting space.

Oak Wood Furniture Design

oak wood furniture design

If you really want to go deep with the look of wood, we would suggest to try and include oakwood furniture pieces in your home. The design is rustic and raw but it will unquestionably turn out to be one of a kind. You can make the look neutral or colorful with accent pieces cushions and rugs.

White Wood Wall Design

white wood wall design

Who says wood is always supposed to be included in its natural brown, go for a white wood wall for giving a vintage and neutral look to your space. The color white gives you the possibility to experiment with various tones and other decorating elements.

Polished Wooden Floor Ideas

polished wooden floor ideas

If you are not completely sure about including the material in the entire home or even one single room. Go for a minimal wooden look by including the material in the cupboards of your kitchen. The advantage of including a wooden storage is that it gels well with all the colors and form of your chosen space. You may also see Rustic Wood Flooring Designs

Bedroom Hardwood Interiors

bedroom hardwood interiors

Wood is an efficient and suitable material to include in your bedroom. You can go with hardwood floors and wooden side table stands for making the material really shine out.

Rustic Home Interior Designs

rustic home interior design

We all are familiar with the fact that the look of rustic and wood go nearly synonymous to each other, so, need we say more.

Hardwood Bathtub

hardwood bathtub

Outdoor Wood Furniture

outdoor wood furniture

Wood Wall Art Design

wood wall art design

Wooden Chandelier Dining Room

wooden chandelier dining room

Grey Wooden Floor Ideas

grey wooden floor ideas1

Wood Kitchen Idea

wood kitchen idea

Wood Planter Container Garden

wood planter container garden

Beach View Wood Dining Area

beach view wood dining area

The appearance of wood can be included in several styles and patterns in your home. If blended and matched well there is no other material that can match the finesse and grace of wood.

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