When you try to customize the penthouse designs of your apartment, you need to consider various elements of the area, including furniture, wall architecture and floor patterns. These are luxurious areas on the top floor of buildings. However, some penthouses are incorporated in the bottom of the apartment as well. Depending on the size of the penthouse and various other aspects, you can incorporate your own specifications in it to get a matching interior. Here are fifteen classy penthouse design themes that you can incorporate in your home.

Modern Penthouse Designs

Modern penthouses have bright and beautiful interior designs. You can paint the walls in spotless white and get a wooden floor for perfect contrast. Fix large window panes with brown frames. Grey sofas look compatible with this sort of interior.

Ultra Modern Penthouse Design

ultra modern penthouse design

Photo by Alex Maguire

Modern Penthouse Interior Design

modern penthouse interior design


Modern Penthouse Terrace Design

modern penthouse terrace design


Luxury Penthouse Designs

If you want to pamper yourself with the best of luxury, go for glass penthouses with steel beams. You can have an arched ceiling with pendant lights in these penthouses. Apart from this, you can incorporate soft, elegant sofas for sitting arrangement.

Luxurious Penthouse Exterior Design

luxurious penthouse exterior design


Luxurious Penthouse Lighting Design

luxurious penthouse lighting design


Luxurious Penthouse Sofa Design

luxurious penthouse sofa design


Penthouse Bedroom Designs

If you look out for an innovative and luxurious mix in your living room, opt for a penthouse bedroom. You can place the bed beside a glass window. Buy other bedroom accessories like small cabinets and portraits for walls to achieve precession in interior designs.

Penthouse Bedroom Interior Design

penthouse bedroom interior design


Penthouse Master Bedroom Design

penthouse master bedroom design


Modern Penthouse Bedroom Design

modern penthouse bedroom design

Design by El Dorado Furniture

Small Penthouse Designs

Small penthouses do not have much of a furniture. You may opt for an open penthouse to enjoy the full view of the landscape around your house. Planked flooring may be your ideal choice for this particular penthouse design.

Small Penthouse Living Room Design

small penthouse living room design


Small Penthouse Furniture Design

small penthouse furniture design


Small Penthouse Bedroom Design

small penthouse bedroom design

Thorp Design

Penthouse Lighting Designs

Lighting designs in a penthouse can be quite innovative. You may prefer indirect lighting in the room. Small pendant lights along the ceiling lines may also deliver a cultured look to the penthouse. For more variations, you can switch to dangling lights.

Modern Penthouse Lighting Design

modern penthouse lighting design

Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design

Penthose Living Room Lighting Design

penthose living room lighting design


Contemporary Penthouse Lighting Design

contemporary penthouse lighting design


Penthouse Rooftop Designs

If you have a penthouse roof, you can opt for various themes. Wooden decks, for instance, are quite popular these days. A green patch of turf in the roof refines the look of the area. Arrange for compatible sitting accessories to rest your bones.

Penthouse Rooftop Terrace Design

penthouse rooftop terrace design


Apartment Pethouse Terrace Design

apartment pethouse terrace design

Photo by Chris Snook

Penthouse Terrace Garden Design

penthouse terrace garden design

Amber Freda NYC Garden Design

Penthouse Gardening Ideas

In case you have a penthouse garden in the adjoining roof, you may prefer wrought iron furniture and other accessories. Place potted plants along the railings for maximum utility of space. Glass tables also make the roof sophisticated.

Modern Penthouse Garden Design

penthouse rooftop garden design


Penthouse Rooftop Garden Design

modern penthouse garden design


Penthouse Garden Lounge Design

penthouse garden lounge design


Penthouse Floor Designs

The floor design in a penthouse needs to complement its wall colour and furniture. You may go for an embroidered floor if you have matching ceilings and other accessories. A wooden floor may be your cup of tea in case you have plenty of furniture.

Penthouse Living Room Floor Design

penthouse living room floor design


Penthouse Terrace Floor Design

penthouse terrace floor design

Design by Mobilificio Marchese

Penthouse Sofa Designs

You may buy sectional sofas for your penthouse if you use if for formal purposes. Semi-circular or curved sofas may the ideal setting for discussions. Choose darker sofa colours like brown and blue in case you have lighter wall colours.

Modern Penthouse Sofa Design

modern penthouse sofa design

Photo by Emerald Coast Real Estate

Penthouse Interior Sofa Design

penthouse interior sofa design

Design by Caitlin Wilson San Francisco

Apartment Penthouse Designs

If you have an apartment penthouse, you may lookout for ideal resting furniture. Incorporate a sofa-cum bed or reclining sofas for utmost comfort. Stained wooden floors make the room elegant and you may use transparent drapers for the windows.

Luxurious Aparment Penthouse Design

luxurious aparment penthouse design


Apartment Penthouse Furniture Design

apartment penthouse furniture design


Contemporary Penthouse Designs

Contemporary penthouses have luxurious interior settings. There are textured carpets on the floors and thick borders along the sides of the ceiling. Tall window frames and bright interior designs have caught up with the trend quite fast.

Contemporary Penthouse Interior Design

contemporary penthouse interior design


Contemporary Penthouse Living Room Design

contemporary penthouse living room design


Penthouse Bathroom Designs

Luxurious penthouse bathrooms have panelled walls and polished wooden floors. You can buy a clawed tub to enrich the looks. Incorporate polished wooden decks in the bathroom to place the necessary accessories.

Modern Penthouse Bathroom Design

modern penthouse bathroom design


Penthouse Bathroom Tile Design

penthouse bathroom tile design

Design by Clay Construction Inc

Penthouse Bathroom Vanity Design

penthouse bathroom vanity design

Design by Chalet Development

Penthouse Office Designs

If you want to modify your penthouse into your office, you can go for smart interior designs. Framed glass doors, seamless cream walls, elegant pendant lights and polished wooden furniture can deliver a classy look to your office. Get a light wooden floor for the purpose.

Penthouse Home Office Design

penthouse home office design


Penthouse Office Furniture Design

penthouse office furniture design

Photo by David Zaitz

Penthouse Kitchen Designs

You may choose a black and white theme for the kitchen in your penthouse. Get steel kitchen furniture like cabinets and kitchen island. For the floor, you can go for large tiles. Install tall chairs in the penthouse kitchen for refined looks.

Penthouse Kitchen Countertop Design

penthouse kitchen countertop design


Aparment Penthouse Kitchen Design

aparment penthouse kitchen design

Photo by Top Kat

Luxurious Penthouse Kitchen Design

luxurious penthouse kitchen design


Penthouse Exterior Designs

Since architectural beauty plays a major role in penthouses, you need to get a marvelous exterior design. Steel or glass exteriors are preferred in contemporary homes, although wooden exterior designs are also in vogue. You can choose the theme according to your aptitude.

Modern Penthouse Exterior Design

modern penthouse exterior design


Why are Penthouses Needed?

Penthouses are designed differently from the rest of the building. These are customised to provide you with the best of luxury and comfort. There are exotic spaces for relaxing your muscles and enjoy the ambiance with ease. You can also arrange sitting accessories there and enjoy multimedia for entertainment. There are exotica and high-end appliances in penthouses. Coupled with innovative flooring, it provides you with a change in terms of living styles.

Decorating Tips for Penthouses

Here are certain ways customize your penthouse with innovative decorative tips:

  • You can opt for a winding staircase leading to the roof. Get a polished steel roof to upgrade the sophistication.
  • Large and frameless window panels also look elegant.
  • Install bright pendant lights in geometric patterns in the ceiling.
  • You can incorporate various shades of burnished wood in the furniture.
  • If you have a white penthouse, use black borders for portrait, windows, and floor.
  • A stained floor also adds to the beauty of the penthouse.

Penthouses can be customized as per the needs of individuals. You can modify your penthouse into an office with a formal setting. The windows, floor, and ceiling in a penthouse needs to maintain mutual compatibility. Trends of living are changing and you can opt for innovative themes for penthouses. Penthouse bedrooms and roofs, too, have gained gradual popularity among people. If you have something innovative at the back of your mind, you can share them with us.

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