It is said that books are man’s best friends. They never betray and always guide us towards the right path. A beautifully designed library keeps your treasures safe and at the same time changes the look of your interiors drastically. A library adds to the texture of your interiors enhancing its visual appeal. But how should you include a library in your interiors? These simple library designs will help you find an appropriate answer to this question.

Modern Library Designs

Modern library designs are colourful and practical at the same time. Slightly curved shelves on the wall look beautiful and because of this design books do not fall. A perfect cushioned seating arrangement for you to sit and read the books is so welcoming.

Modern Library Furniture Design

modern library furniture design1

Design by Benvenuti and Stein

Modern Home Library Design

modern home library design

Modern Library Interior Design

modern library interior design

Design by Form Interiors

Home Library Designs

If you have dedicated a room for your love of reading make sure you design it well. Why not choose a colour scheme for your library. Blue walls with matching blue shelves, comfortable blue sofas with printed white cushions look stylish. You can use rugs and wall papers to add texture to your home library.

Small Home Library Design

small home library design

Calvert Design Studio

Home Library Bookcases Design

home library bookcases design

Design by Keith Bruns Woodworking

Office Library Designs

A library need not be dry and boring. Library in office space is more like a rejuvenating corner. It should have books arranged according to perfect classification on shelves with glass doors. There should be a ladder to reach the books on higher shelves. A perfect seating arrangement makes this spot heaven.

Home Office Library Design

home office library design

Office Library Shelving Design

office library shelving design

Small Library Designs

If you have limited space just convert a wall in your library. Cover the wall with a book shelf till ceiling and paint it as per your interiors. Arrange books according to their height and you will be surprised with the style and texture it adds to your room. Place a comfortable chair and a small side table for you to it and read the book of your choice.

Traditional Small Library Design

traditional small library design

Residential Library Designs

Your library need not be a separate room. At home you can dedicate a wall or storage space for your books. A perfect home library has shelves swelling with books, a ladder, and comfortable cushioned chair and a side table. But you can also convert the overhead storage space in your bedroom into a library.

Residential Library Lighting Design

residential library lighting design

Residential Library Shelving Design

residential library shelving design

Library Furniture Designs

In a public library wooden benches and chairs fits perfectly as more than one person can sit on benches. With latest innovative designs even public libraries opt for cushioned comfort for their visitors. Furniture in personal depends on the owners taste. It can sleek modern minimalistic furniture or heavily cushioned leather chair with dark wood table.

Home Library Furniture Design

home library furniture design1

Library Lounge Furniture Design

library lounge furniture design

School Library Designs

Colourful walls with smartly arranged wooden shelves look attractive. Along with a perfect sitting arrangement, a central desk for the librarian is also important. Considering technology advances school libraries should also have a long desk with computers and internet connection.

School Library Interior Design

school library decorating idea


Victorian Library Designs

To give your library Victorian looks consider heavy wooden furniture. Use old world chandeliers and dressy table lamps for lighting. If space permits add a fireplace in your library. To enhance the Victorian look of your library use traditional carpet for the floor.

Victorian Home Library Design

victorian home library design

Victorian Library Bookcase Design

victorian library bookcase design

MA Peterson Designbuild

Wall Library Designs

If designed well a single wall is enough to make a library. Use entire wall to fix a book shelf. Lower portion of the shelf can be converted into closed cabinets. Instead of straight shelves you can use book shelf with rhombus shelves which is practical and stylish as well.

Modern Wall Library Design

modern wall library design

Wall Library Interior Design

wall library interior design

Traditional Library Designs

To get the traditional look opt for dark wood closed shelves to keep books. A comfortable cushioned chair with a wooden central table with a traditional table lamp kept on it completes the look. a few embellishments like model globe enhances the beauty.

Traditional Home Library Design

traditional home library design

Design by Archia Homes

Traditional Library Bookcases Design

traditional library bookcases design

Loft Library Designs

Give your living room a different definition by adding a loft library. Develop the wall into library and use the loft for a comfortable seating. So even if your living room is buzzing with people you can have your quite corner on the loft library with your book.

Modern Loft Library Design

modern loft library design

Loft Library Bookshelf Design

loft library bookshelf design

Photo by Louise Lakier

Living Room Library Designs

Your living room covers the largest area of your house. A wall converted into a library not only fills the emptiness but adds aesthetic value to your living room. You can use these shelves to keep small embellishments as well to make it more interesting.

Living Room Library Cabinets Design

living room library cabinets design

Cory Connor Designs

Small Living Room Library Design

small living room library design

Basement Library Designs

Books are precious and hence should be stored carefully. While making a library in the basement you should consider spending on humidifiers as basement tend to get humid and humidity damages books. Keep your library well illuminated.

Basement Home Library Design

basement home library design

Basement Library Table Design

basement library table design

Luxury Library Designs

Wooden panelling on ceilings and walls with hard wood shelves for books till ceiling and beautiful art chandelier makes a library luxurious to no end. Beautiful leather cushioned sofas with perfect rug and an expensive floor lamp shade completes the plush look.

Luxury Library Interior Design

luxury library interior design

Luxury Library Bookcases Design

luxury library bookcases design

Cottage Library Designs

If you want to get the cottage library look use informal open book shelves. Built a fireplace on one wall and arrange seating in front of it. Use china vases, tall floor lamps with frilly shades to decorate your room. A basic wooden round table completes the look.

Rustic Cottage Library Design

rustic cottage library design

Cottage Library Decor Design

cottage library decor design

Public Library Designs

Public library design depends on estimated number of people working at the library and number of people expected to visit the library. Once that is decided finally shelves are designed based on the collection to be stored. A perfect public library is spacious, well illuminated and uniformly divided sections for different genres.

Public Library Interior Design

public library interior design


Library Entrance Designs

An entrance designed as books arranged in a book shelf creates an artistic look. The entrance should have a perfect open shelf or glass display to showcase new arrivals. As libraries have become new hangout spots, a waiting area near the entrance enhances the practicality of the design.

Modern Library Entrance Design

modern library entrance design


Library Shelving Designs

If your collection is precious but nothing to boast of just use a trendy sleek rack in your living room for books. If your book collection is ever increasing, invest in a home library with sturdy wooden shelving to support the weight of your books. You can use entire wall for shelving. You can also opt for lower shelves keeping the walls clean. Just pull a book of your choice and enjoy it; no need of ladders.

Home Library Shelving Design

home library shelving design

Wood Library Shelving Design

wood library shelving design

Contemporary Library Designs

These innovative designs are so appealing that they will leave you speechless. A small library with white walls and white painted full size bookshelf with different size of shelves to accommodate different sizes looks smart. A modern colourful cushioned chair completes the look.

Contemporary Library Furniture Design

contemporary library furniture design

Contemporary Home Library Design

contemporary home library design

Library Lighting Designs

If you are a voracious reader you will spend considerable time in your library and hence your library should be well illuminated to reduce the strain on your eyes. For elaborate book shelves make sure that they are illuminated using LED lights within. Avoid contrast and use soft light.

Home Library Lighting Design

home library lighting design

No matter how advanced we get and how technology seeps into our lives, book reading is still a habit which cannot be removed completely. Books not only impart knowledge but they also connect us with our history, culture and great people from the past. They open us up to the world and new innovations in library designs have opened us up to stylized libraries. Use of painted walls, coloured sections, clear acrylic book shelves with LED lights change the way we think about libraries. Marbled floors and comfortable seating make us spend some time with books.

They add so much value to your life and books also improve the aesthetics of your interiors. Even if you have small space, dedicate a wall if not a room for your personal library. Get inspired by these innovated ideas.

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