Planning a Scandinavian garden theme around your property? The main theme of a Scandinavian Garden is to make the most of the sun and have the means to enjoy the outdoor whenever possible. Scandinavia being a cold country doesn’t get too much of sun but when it does shine; people make sure they enjoy a lifetime! Here are some exciting Scandinavian garden designs that can be well adapted to any kind of environment.

Beautiful Scandinavian Garden

beautiful scandinavian garden

photo by Urban Angles

As well understood, Scandinavian gardens don’t have a lot of green but do feature natural elements for most parts. Small bushes and short foliage can be well adapted to an arrangement that is bounded on all sides by wooden walls. A small water body in the middle and surrounded by pebbles ensures that you have the most controlled natural setting out there.

Awesome Garden with Stone Fire Place

awesome garden with stone fire place

If you are planning to take things a notch higher, well a fireplace would be an exciting addition. Well, this is not the kind of fireplace you would have inside the home but one that you will be able to prepare your BBQ! A stone fireplace in the middle of the garden and with chairs around provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy some warmth in the middle of nature.

Amazing Outdoor Scandinavian Garden

amazing outdoor scandinavian garden

If you have the advantage of a big garden space, try to plant bushes and creepers along the edges and chalk out gravel laid path through it. A green grassy lawn will be the most prominent part o the setting where you can enjoy with your kids and pets. Being bounded high on all sides, it also promotes privacy.

Lovely Scandinavian Garden

spacious scandinavian garden idea

Arrange a lot of flower beds and make sure that each bed features a different variety of bush. This way the whole garden is kept dynamic and colorful.

Spacious Scandinavian Garden Idea

lovely scandinavian garden

If you have a lot of space and a property that isn’t distracted by other homes around, you can have an open Scandinavian theme. While the bushes will always keep low, you can create a warmer seating arrangement by contrasting a pavilion in the middle of the greenery.

Gorgeous Scandinavian Garden

gorgeous scandinavian garden

Scandinavian gardens always feature less of plants and more of timber for the high walls. However, you can always beef things up with more number of plants, tubs and vines to make the most out of the spring. Keep the space clean and green and lay out a couple of recliners!

Modern Scandinavian Garden with Sitting Area

modern scandinavian garden with sitting area

For garden spaces that can be equaled to woods, you can have a framed installation for a pavilion in the middle of the foliage. While the natural setting gives you enough privacy, the natural installations inside the pavilion creates a warm ambiance for a lovely afternoon.

Charming Garden for Trendy Home

charming garden for trendy home

The idea here is to employ greenery to the maximum. Bushes can act as boundaries and flowering plants strategically planted in the middle of the lawn will always look charming.

Classic Scandinavian Garden

classic scandinavian garden

The main elements in this garden design are a framed pathway that is completed by creepers running all across. The mood can be kept warm by using a lot of timber and burnt clay for flower pots.

Pretty Farmhouse Scandinavian Garden

pretty farmhouse scandinavian garden

A lot of landscaping can be done if you have the advantage of a longer warm weather and natural foliage all around. A farmhouse theme needs to be spread across and always well maintained.

Classy Garden with Waterfall Pot

classy garden with waterfall pot

Formal Scandinavian Garden Idea

formal scandinavian garden ideas

Outdoor Garden with Stone Floor

outdoor garden with stone floor

Cool Backyard Garden Design

cool backyard garden design

Scandinavian Garden Landscape Idea

scandinavian garden landscape idea

External Garden with Pathway

external garden with pathway

Roof Top Garden Decor Idea

roof top garden decor idea

Scandinavian Wooden Garden Furniture

scandinavian wooden garden furniture

Serene Scandinavian Garden Building

serene scandinavian garden buildings

Scandinavian Log Cabins Building

scandinavian log cabins building

Scandinavian Garden Sheds Design

scandinavian garden sheds design

Scandinavian gardens look simple but need a lot of work in maintenance and keeping the charm consistent. If you have loved our examples, do share you feedback. We would also like to take a peek into your garden!

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