Just like first impression is the last impression, the entrance decides your willingness to enter a home, building of office space. Beautifully designed neat entrance makes you explore the place and appreciate the beauty. If an office entrance is visually soothing, employees look forward to going to work every morning. With different design ideas we can improve the aesthetics of our space and make it more welcoming. These beautiful ideas are sure to give you some hints.

Front Entrance Designs

Perfect tiled path leading to the entrance gate with plants on either side looks beautiful. Low wide steps at the entrance with perfect overhead lights near the door makes it even more interesting. Be creative with the choice of door bells.

Stone Front Entrance Design

stone front entrance design

Design by Oak Hill Architects Inc

Modern Front Entrance Design

modern front entrance design

Kendle Design Collaborative

Brick Front Entrance Design

brick front entrance design

Design by Bruce Clodfelter and Associates

Office Entrance Designs

Entrance to an office is the first point where an employer indirectly interacts with an employee aesthetically. A well designed plush entrance with helpful helpdesk creates a positive environment. Clean and comfortable seating arrangement for visitors and some books to kill the wait time are a must. Fresh flower arrangement on reception counter looks beautiful and so does some indoor plants in the seating area.

Office Front Entrance Design

office front entrance design


Office Entrance Furniture Design

office entrance furniture design


Basement Entrance Designs

A beautiful wooden door with a headlight for illumination in dark looks beautiful and safe. Experiment with step down stair to add a personal touch. Built in planters on one side of the door adds colour to the design. Inside the house your basement entrance can be step down carpeted u-shaped stairs.

Exterior Basement Entrance Idea

exterior basement entrance idea

CL Design-Build

Basement Entrance Stairs Design

basement entrance stairs design


Basement Entrance Doors Idea

basement entrance doors idea

Gabberts Design Studio and Fine Furniture

Farm Entrance Designs

Your farm entrance can be a wooden gate with the name of your farm written on the head board. You can also plan for a stone with carved farm name and details besides your entrance gate.

Farm Entrance Gate Design

farm entrance gate design


Farm Driveway Entrance Idea

farm driveway entrance idea


Porch Entrance Designs

A neat and clean path to the entrance with two curved step up stairs looks amazing. Beautiful inbuilt planters on each side enhance the look beautifully. If you don’t want to invest in built-in planters just use large potted plants to get the look.

Contemporary Porch Entrance Design

contemporary porch entrance design

Design by Rockwood Custom Homes

Front Porch Entrance Design

front porch entrance design

Design by Siena Custom Builders

Side Entrance Porch Design

side entrance porch design

Photo by Anne Gummerson

Hall Entrance Designs

Your hallway sets your first impression on your guests. You can dress the narrow entrance passage that leads you to your hall with small frames. A side counter with flower vase on top looks classy. Use modern ceiling lights to add a personalised touch.

Modern Hall Entrance Design

modern hall entrance design


Front Hall Entrance Design

front hall entrance design


Small Hall Entrance Design

small hall entrance design


Kitchen Entrance Designs

You kitchen entrance can be just a door but who stops you from experimenting with it? Consider a wide arched brick entrance painted in white. A perfect glass doors with black frames adds class to your outdoor kitchen with stone walls.

Open Kitchen Entrance Design

open kitchen entrance design

Design by Witt Construction Inc

Kitchen Entrance Door Design

kitchen entrance door design


Modern Entrance Designs

Modern entrance designs are perfect combination of style and innovation. Consider wide concrete tiles set within grass leading you to your wooden door with stained glass panels on each side reflecting light from inside. LED lights embedded in wooden panelling on the ceiling and a large planter on one side with a tall plant giving an impression of an indoor tree looks sleek.

Modern Entrance Hall Idea

modern entrance hall idea


Modern Entrance Door Design

modern entrance door design


Modern Entrance Interior Design

modern entrance interior design


Spa Entrance Designs

Spa is all about relaxation. A reception area with soothing lights and comfortable waiting corner definitely develops positive energy. Flower vase with fresh flowers makes the set up livelier. Use od aromatic candles adds to aesthetics and the aroma is soothing on nerves.

Zen Spa Entrance Design

zen spa entrance design


Outdoor Entrance Designs

For outdoor entrance go artistic with a wooden art table which can be dressed with beautiful bonsai islands. Add two to three wide steps to the door arched door. You can also use a dark wooden door with painted terracotta vases on either side and built in planters with beautiful foliage or flowering plants.

Outdoor Front Entrance Design

outdoor front entrance design


Outdoor Entrance Lighting Idea

outdoor entrance lighting idea


Garage Entrance Designs

You garage entrance can be a wooden door with nice supporting brick walls with a beautiful old world bracket like. In a modern set up a perfect concrete wall with embedded LED lights to illuminate the garage area looks classy. Concrete flower beds on either sides of the entrance add some colour to all concrete look.

Garage Entrance Doors Design

garage entrance doors design


Garden Entrance Designs

A beautiful garden needs a beautiful entrance. Your garden entrance can be a pergola covered with flowering climbers giving you look of a garden from fairy tales. A clean wooden structure like that of pergola also looks amazing. For a grand entry an entrance made of stone merges well with the natural looks of garden. You can go creative and experiment with the shape of your stone entrance.

Small Garden Entrance Design

small garden entrance design

Design by John Davies Landscape

Front Garden Entrance Idea

front garden entrance idea

Design by Heidi's Lifestyle Gardens

Flower Garden Entrance Idea

flower garden entrance idea

Design by David Morello Garden Enterprises

Cottage Entrance Designs

Create a dream entrance with an ivory white wooden door on the red brick wall covered by climbers and foliage on either side. You can also opt for a traditional white fence door leading to a stone path with lavender on each side gives a perfect cottage look.

Cottage Garden Entrance Design

cottage garden entrance design


Country Cottage Entrance Design

country cottage entrance design

Stephanie Dunning Interior Design

Apartment Entrance Designs

You apartment entrance can be a narrow pathway leading to your hall. Consider to flaunt one of your collected art pieces to decorate this wall. A low counter with fresh flower vase and a table lamp looks amazing.

Small Apartment Entrance Design

small apartment entrance design

Photo by Avishai Finkelstein

Modern Apartment Entrance Design

modern apartment entrance design


Entrance Flooring Designs

You may have a nice door mat at the entrance. You can also extend your carpet till your entrance for small houses. You can also keep a welcoming door mat just outside the door and flaunt uninhibited stretch of your beautiful Italian tile patterns.

Entrance Hallway Flooring Design

entrance hallway flooring design


Entrance Tile Flooring Idea

entrance tile flooring idea

Design by Riverview Custom Homes

Small Entrance Designs

Keep it neat with a planter or two besides the door. Add a chair to enhance the look. A nice bracket light to keep the entrance illuminated at night and a nice door mat. Everything beautifully put together in a small entrance.

Small Entrance Deck Design

small entrance deck design

Design by Christiano Homes

Small Entrance Porch Design

small entrance porch design

Photo by Michael J. Lee

Entrance Deck Designs

A wooden entrance deck looks plush. To give your entrance deck a rustic look, consider stone flooring or brick flooring. You can also opt for two or three steps of stylised concrete levels as your entrance deck.

Front Entrance Deck Design

front entrance deck design


Side Entrance Deck Idea

side entrance deck idea

Entrance Lighting Designs

Entrance lighting is very important because it’s the symbol of your presence and also for safety reasons. You should have overhead lights at the entrance or bracket lights besides the door. You can also add light fitting on the path way and use stylish floor lamps in the seating area.

Entrance Hall Lighting Idea

entrance hall lighting idea


Main Entrance Designs

You entrance can have a marble floor with concrete pillars supporting the roof over the entrance. A rectangular water body installed at one side adds style to the design. LED light embedded in the ceiling for illumination and a carved door with mirror detail on one side looks every bit grand for your main entrance.

Modern Main Entrance Design

modern main entrance design


Traditional Main Entrance Design

traditional main entrance design


You entrance decides your first impression on guests and visitors. It creates an image of your personality. The entrance should be well illuminated, attractive and practical at the same time. For an office entrance, a comfortable seating arrangement is a must. You can also set up an in-house café for visitors to make their wait time less stressful. At home, your entrance should be clean, classy and welcoming. You can use dressy ceiling lights or bracket light to light your entrance. Use paintings to dress your entrance wall and a beautiful doormat or rug for a personalised touch.

Before you start remodelling your entrance just go through these design ideas and get inspired. Welcome your guests in style and be prepared to host guests who just want to enquire about your irresistible home entrance and décor. Flaunt your style with these simple and impactful options.

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