Halloween is round the corner and the excitement is in the air. Are you planning to throw a halloween party for your friends and family? We would suggest you to not wait for the end moment and get started already. Halloween party decoration is not very difficult but you need a meticulous planning. We have some ideas for you that are easy to implement and would not require much hard work. These decoration ideas will help you celebrate the scary season in full swing without any let downs.

1. Decorate the Corners

decorate the corners

If you have a mantle piece at your home, decorate it with halloween accessories like pumpkins and festive ribbons. Create some festive cut-outs, light some candles and let the magic spread!

2. Spooky Meals

spooky meals

Don’t forget to plan a spooky buffet. If you are throwing a halloween party, make sure the meal is horribly tempting. Be creative and prepare some halloween inspired recipes and serve them with equal uncanniness. Don’t forget that black is the color of halloween! Add the color wherever possible!

3. Halloween-y Flowers

halloween y flowers

Flower pots are something that are found in almost every household. Don’t forget to include them in your halloween decoration. Transform the beauty of the flowers into something dreadful and spooky. Accessorize the flowers with classic halloween decorations like portion bottles and pumpkins and leave everyone impressed with your detailing.

4. Dramatic Entrance

dramatic entrance

The entrance is very important and make sure your guests receive a grand one with a unique entrance decoration. Collect your halloween decorations and start with the entrance first, strive for perfection and make sure your entrance raises the expectation of the guest.

5. Scary Windows

dramatic entrance

Do not forget to dress your windows. Spiderweb could be your ultimate accessory for halloween. The cobweb, candles, flying bats and ravens and you have your perfection decoration for the party. This ideas would never let you down.

6. Inform Well in Advance

inform well in advance

If there is a party then there has to be a countdown! Countdown keeps the excitement going. You will have to prepare this well in advance but the planning and hard work is worth the efforts.

7. Haunted Gallery

haunted gallery

Create a haunted photo gallery on your fireplace and decorate it with candles to add the drama. Collect black and white portraits from the 19th century to create a supernatural effect.

8. Bring in the Mummys

bring in the mummys

While black color rules during halloween, but do not underestimate the power of white. Yes! Even white can be scary, remember The Mummy? Create your own mummy tools for the party decoration. It is as easy as getting a white bandage.

9. Hang-in There

hang in there

Curtains and strings are a very important part for interior decoration. Include them in your party as some some weird, uncanny threads and let your guests get tangled in them.

10. Halloween Chimes

halloween chimes

Whether you believe in feng shui or not, a halloween-themed windchime should be included in a halloween house party. Perfect for outdoors, where you can hang them on a branch or just hang them on your entrance door for a perfect halloween welcome.

11. Paint the Pumpkin

paint the pumpkin

We all know that a Halloween party is incomplete without pumpkin. But carving a pumpkin can be a consuming task. And if it doesn’t come out well it can lead to a lot of wastage, since you won’t be using that pumpkin. Therefore, this time paint the pumpkins and save your time and efforts.

12. An Uncanny Welcome

an uncanny welcome

We talked about making a grand entrance and dramatic welcome and that is certainly incomplete without a doormat. Entice your visitors with an interesting halloween welcome mat. You can create them on your own or can purchase it as they are available in stores as well as through e-commerce websites.

13. DIY Candle Stand

diy candle stand

Decorate your candles in style by making your own candle stands for halloween. Scoop out a pumpkin and create a perfect stand for your candles.

14. Decorate the Candles

decorate the candles

Now since we are sorted with the candle stand, lets come to candles. Plain white candles are easily available everywhere but since it is Halloween time, make sure you use all the decorating articles as halloween prop. An easy way to do it with candles is by creating halloween themed candle.

15. Add Sparks to the Decoration

add sparks to the decoration

Make sure you add a spark to your halloween party with some glitter and gold. Sparks keep the party theme alive. If you do not want the decoration to look overly gothic, make sure you keep it light with glitters and sparks.

16. Decorating from the Top

decorating from the top

The ceilings shouldn’t be left alone. Afterall, it is halloween and the decoration has to be crazy and weird. Use your props not just on the floors and walls but on the ceiling. This ideas will surely take things upside down.

17. Bewitching Masks

bewitching masks

It is halloween and it should not go without mask. No we are not asking you to throw a masquerade theme party. Use the mask as a part of decoration. Mask signifies the true halloween spirit and it would be unfair to not include them in your decoration.

These ideas are easy to implement if you start planning well in advance. Start by deciding with the entrance and then move ahead to the other sections of the house. Prepare the guest list so that it easy to figure out the requirements. Some of the ideas given above are time saving, use them to efficiently plan your halloween party.

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