Everyone loves to receive gifts and with the holidays and festivities, we think it is a great time to arrange for some cute adorable gifts for your friends and family. Halloween could be more fun if you include some awesome gifts for people close to you. It can be your colleague, neighbour, friend or a family member. Here are some gift ideas that you are absolutely going to love.

1. Candy Corn Favors

candy corn favours

This is a perfect Halloween gift for your neighbours, especially the little kids. All you need is a small pot or a glass. Color in your favourite Halloween theme, fill a plastic bag with candy corns and decorate it with ribbons, put this packet inside your colored pot and the gift is ready. Easy and cheap, prepare as many as you can. Get complete DIY here.

2. Soap and Sanitizer

soap and sanitizer

If you are wondering why soap and sanitizer as Halloween gift, you need to see the spooky twist that you can give here. There are free printable Halloween tags that you can attach to the bottles of sanitizers and soaps and bring a smile on receiver’s face. Get these tags here.

3. Eos Lip Balm

eos lip balm

If you know someone who is fond of lip balms, we have a perfect gift suggestion for them. Download and print free Eos printables and use them with Eos lip balm and present it to someone. These printables come in 4 different Halloween themed pictures and choose anyone for yourself. Get more details here.

4. Halloween Fog Machine

halloween fog machine

This can be an advance Halloween gift you can give someone who is throwing a Halloween party. This machine comes with a wireless remote that helps you in better handling of the machine.

5. Twitchy Kitty Cat Ears

twitchy kitty cat ears

Do you have a friend who you think is a crazy cat lady? Well, here is something very interesting to gift them. This cool band has kitty ears and come with a remote control that lets you move those ears and communicate different emotions, just like cats do! There are preset 8 ear positions that you can switch to with the remote control.

6. Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

salt and pepper shaker set

A salt and pepper shaker set is a too normal a gift for Halloween, right? And what happen when it comes with a scary skull? It certainly surpasses the level of spookiness required to be qualified as a perfect Halloween gift. You would definitely not want to miss out on gifting this uncanny Halloween gift to your favorite buddy.

7. Wine Holder

wine holder

Wine is a perfect gift for all occasions, no doubt but on this Halloween you can add a scary and creepy touch to it by getting with this terrifying wine holder. This wine holder can certainly scare the bejesus out of anyone!

8. Halloween Printed Frame

halloween printed frame

You can give this cute printed frame to parents who can use it for their adorable baby pictures. This can be a thoughtful gift to preserve a precious halloween memory.

9. Halloween Toy

halloween toy

If you have a baby shower to attend this season, we have a very cute option for you. This is an adorable mummy toy that you can gift your mom-to-be-friend as a pre-welcome Halloween gift for the baby.

10. Halloween Mug

halloween mug

This gift is for someone with a great sense of humor. This mug comes with a secret message that gets revealed when you are about to finish your coffee. The print quality is great and the mug is completely microwave and dishwasher safe.

11. DSLR Camera Strap

dslr camera strap

Here is something thoughtful for you photographer friend for this halloween. The camera strap works for most of the DSLR cameras.

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