With a brand new year quickly approaching, your nails have to look amazing immediately the clock strikes midnight. New Year nail art can easily show your spirit making the celebration even more memorable. These types of manicure are all about looking beautiful, glamorous and transforming the outfit you will be wearing. With the following New Year nail design, you will have no shortage of nail art that will ensure you celebrate the New Year with style. You may also see Christmas Nail Art Designs

New Year Acrylic Nail Designs

Are you anticipating the arrival of a New Year? Then go for New Year acrylic nail designs which are strong and long-lasting. You will save yourself a few bucks and time of having to frequent the salon.

New Year Glitter Acrylic Nails

new year glitter acrylic nails


Blue and White New Year Acrylic Nails

blue and white new year acrylic nails


New Year Toe Nail Designs

Even your toe nails can look the part when it comes to ushering in a new year. Shiny nail polish will make your toenails pop out especially if they are a bit short. Black and gold nail art will complement any shoe color.

Cute New Year Toe Nail Art

cute new year toe nail art


Hand Painted New Year Toe Nail Art

handpainted new year toe nail art


New Year Gel Nail Designs

If you want natural looking artificial nails, then New Year gel nail designs are perfect for you. These nails are more practical as they give room for your nails to grow and have a glossy finish which will put more focus on your fingers.

New Year Nail Designs for Short Nails

If you are worried that your short nail designs look less feminine, then change that perception by adding cute New Year nail designs. These designs will ensure that you show off your femininity. You can even try motifs, glitter or bold colors.

Gold Glitter New Year Nail Art for Short Nails

gold glitter new year nail art for short nails


New Year Tip Nail Designs

Ladies who love French manicure will not go wrong by choosing New Year nail tip designs. Deviate slightly from tradition by adding gold glitters or any colored sparkles to the tips. This will make certain your nails sparkle even during New Year nights.

White New Year Tip Nails

white new year tip nails


Glitter Happy New Year Nails

Glitters are popular with many girls and have a way of easily making your fingers to look elegant. For a girly look opt for glitter happy New Year designs. You can go further and make your design unique by drawing the words new year using glitters. You may also see Festive Nail Art Designs

Glitter New Year Nail Art for Long Nails

glitter new year nail art for long nails


Silver Glitter New Year Nail Design

silver glitter new year nail design


Floral New Year Nails Art

Flowers are often associated with girls and feminine traits. So if you need your nails to be the center of attention during New Year then go for floral New Year nails art. You can make you design personal by incorporating your favorite flowers.

3D Floral New Year Nail Design

3d floral new year nail design


Floral New Year Nail Art Design

floral new year nail art design


New Year Firework Acrylic Nails

new year firework acrylic nails


New Year Eve Nail Designs

Make it a memorable New Year Eve by adorning your nails in interesting art. You can add fireworks or stars symbols on a few of your nails. To show you creativity, draw a bottle of champagne in metallic colors like silver and gold.

Awesome New Year Eve Nail Design

awesome new year eve nail design


New Year Party Nail Designs

Show you intention to remain jovial throughout the year by painting your nails in New Year party nail designs. Incorporate symbols like balloons, hats or gift boxes.

Red New Year Party Nails

red new year party nails


Tips on Nail Designs for New Year

New Year nail designs have to complement your outfit. Adding glitters to your nail art is fun when you are dressed up in neutral attire. You can even match your sparkly nails with a sequin dress. Sparkly pink nail polish is perfect for showing glamor and your feminine side. When wearing black opt for nail designs that have bold colors so as to break the monotony. Black and gold nail art will suit your party mood.

Celebrate the New Year in good mood by ensuring your nails depict glamor. If sparkly is what you, want then go all out and match your nail design even on the toes. After all, you need to look picture perfect when making a toast to welcome the New Year.

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