Milan Fashion Week is one of the 4 most important fashion events of the world. These fashion weeks set trends and determine fashion forces that will sustain the season. After New York and London Fashion Week, our eyes are all set on Milan. We decided to surf the best of street fashion of Milan and bring all the relevant information to you.

One thing that was clear from the Milan street fashion designs is that the summers have bid the adieu and the cool breeze is taking over. The fashion ensembles were majorly transitional with knitted top and skirts setting a perfect midway of summer’s departure and the arrival of the fall.


Unlike New York and London, the vibes in the street of Milan are more towards finesse and panache. But that did not separate the fun element from fashion. Creativity was on a roll in the streets of Milan. Interesting hair highlights, retro bomber jackets, ruffles, two-shaped sunglasses, all kept the fashion spirits high and interesting.

street style1

Colors definitely ruled the streets of Milan but that did not stop ‘black’ from having its way. Yes! Black jackets and tops and LBDs were a common sight. The color is timeless and the pictures hold the evidence.



The most popular designer brand to rule the street was no other than Italy’s very own Gucci. London Fashion Week embraced the brand but Milan simply owned it. The cult fashion house is definitely loved by the fashion elites and has set a huge mark in the world of fashion.

london fashion week


Over-sized garments, especially long sleeves were a rage in the streets of Milan. The oversized sweaters, puffed and long sleeves are back in the fashion trends and it certainly won’t be a bad idea to invest in one over-sized garment for the fall. It is fashionable as well as practical in terms of utility.

street style

The fashionistas of Milan are flaunting their hourglass figure with high waisted attires and accessories. High-waist was another favorite trend ruling this season of fashion on the streets of Milan. It is time to embrace the waistbands and corsets as the fashion focus is definitely on the waist.


So far, this was best of the fashion trends from the streets of Milan Fashion Week. In terms of makeup and hairstyle, things were kept to minimal, with bronze and golden touch of makeup and waves in the hair.

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