Thanks to creativity, tattoo designs keeps changing and advancing each year. So don’t expect the same designs to be trendy the next year! Currently, the most trending ink designs are optical illusions tattoo which gives an edgy effect to the person. From traditional tribal designs to Polynesian tattoo symbols, professional tattoo artists can create any design that you want. So why not embrace the trend and get yourself one of these awesome optical illusion tattoos.

Skull Optical Illusion Tattoo

Skull Optical Illusion Tattoo Source

While a standard black ink skull tattoo can be scary, an optical skull illusion design, on the other hand, shows creativity that is hard to ignore. The simplicity of this design will work best on both male and female skin tone.

Optical Illusion Face Tattoo

Optical Illusion Face Tattoo Source

A man can reveal his soft side by opting for an optical illusion face tattoo. Using a black shading to design the face creates an illusion that the face is coming out from under the skin.

Triangle Optical Illusion Tattoo

Triangle Optical Illusion Tattoo Source

If geometrical designs are more your style, then a triangular optical illusion tattoo is just what you need. The intricate design of the wires made using a black color creates a spinning illusion that will look great on pale skin.

Optical Illusion Forearm Tattoo

Optical Illusion Forearm Tattoo Source

Ocean waves are always moving and what better way to describe this notion than through an optical illusion tattoo. This tattoo is ideal for men who are looking for a simple wave design on the forearm.

Optical Illusion Head Tattoo

Optical Illusion Head Tattoo Source

An optical illusion tattoo on the head shows creativity that is hard to compete with. The pores from the hair follicles complement the dot work giving you a design that any tattoo lover will admire and respect.

Optical Illusion Tattoo On Leg

Optical Illusion Tattoo On Leg Source

With this optical illusion tattoo, people around you will be trying to determine if there’s a hole in your leg! The black ink which contrasts with the dot work gives a whole new meaning to creativity.

3d Optical Illusion Tattoo

3d Optical Illusion Tattoo Source

When you combine geometric designs and a 3d effect you get a beautiful 3d optical illusion tattoo. The trick to making this design unique is to opt for a black ink color that complements all skin tones.

Tribal Optical Illusion Tattoo

Tribal Optical Illusion Tattoo Source

This tribal optical illusion tattoo with a floral pattern is perfect for both and female individuals. The choice of where you want this ink design is entirely up to you; however opt for thicker black shadings to make the tattoo bold.

Parrot with Optical Illusion Tattoo

Parrot with Optical Illusion Tattoo Source

While a standard optical illusion tradition tattoo uses black ink, you can further give your tattoo a personal touch by adding a colored animal such as parrot or dinosaur. Just make sure your design use more than three bright colors.

Optical Illusion Tattoo for Back

Optical Illusion Tattoo for Back Source

A rhino ranks amongst the big five animals of the wild. So why not portray your love for this wild animal by opting for a rhino optical illusion tattoo design. Go for a large size by getting inked on your back.

Knife Optical Illusion Tattoo

Knife Optical Illusion Tattoo Source

Geometric Optical Illusion Tattoo

Geometric Optical Illusion Tattoo Source

Optical Illusion Sleeve Tattoo

Optical Illusion Sleeve Tattoo Source

Optical Illusion for Palm

Optical Illusion for Palm Source

The key to getting an amazing optical illusion tattoo is to avoid alcohol and drink plenty of water the day before getting your tattoo. You should also check before hand with your tattoo artist to ensure that he can replicate your design.

Illusion Tattoo for Thigh

Illusion Tattoo for Thigh Source

Black and Red Optical Illusion Tattoo

Black and Red Optical Illusion Tattoo Source

Modern Optical Illusion Tattoo

Modern Optical Illusion Tattoo Source

While an optical tattoo can have a standard meaning, adding other symbols gives each design a different implication to an individual. When it comes to forearm tattoos, you can use optical illusion designs to express yourself further by creating your own ambigram tattoo using a favorite word. Either way, whatever optical illusion design you choose you will surely stand out.

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