High top fade hairdos now trend among most metrosexual men. The cut is kept shorter from the sides but seen crowned from the middle-top. A typical high-top fade hairstyle presents a short buzz cut that fades out gradually to a medium length fade. You can simply take your haircut to a new level even with a basic fade. The most common feature about these hairstyles is that it gets the exact look after cleaning hairs from the three major sides of the head.

Totally coiled hairs can also look fabulous in High Top Fade Hairstyles. Take a minute to check the below listed inspiring high top fade hairstyles.

High Curly Fade Hairstyle For Men

high curly fade hairstyle for men


This look is amazing. This hairdo is a perfect use of the volume and contrast. Mousse your tresses. With the help of fingertips, sweep off your hair on one side and hold those on with a hair spray. Textured hair with this hairdo appears stunning.

Mens’ Flat Top Fade Haircut Style

mens flat top fade haircut style


Defined volume and height on the top, perfectly textured tight curls appear astonishing on black men. With the natural look, you will have to spend less on the maintenance.

Jaden Smith High Top Fade Haircut

jaden smith high top fade haircut1

High Top Hair With Shaved Side Part

high top hair with shaved side part


Black Curly Afro Fade Haircut Design

black curly afro fade haircut design


Will Smiths Black Top Fade Hairstyle

will smiths black top fade hairstyle1

Different Two Level Top Fade Hairstyle

different two level top fade hairstyle


 Fade Hairstyle For Black women

fade hairstyle for black women


Opt for this retro high top fade look that goes lower towards the back. At the end of the back, it is perfectly clean. The look should be exactly shaped. Go with the traditional touch.

Half Faded Flat Mohawk Hairstyle Idea

half faded flat mohawk hairstyle idea


This fade haircut falls into the generic category of high-top fade hairstyles. Any man who wants to look fashionable will surely love this hairdo. The cut is modern and serves a younger look.

Geometric Afro Fade Men Haircut

geometric afro fade men haircut


Black men often opt for the high-top fade haircut. Men with curly and thick hair should embrace this hairdo. The idea is to cut the traces in geometric shapes and accurate lines.

Side Designed Fade With High Spike Hair Design

side designed fade with high spike hair design


Girls High Top Fade Haircut Design

girls high top fade haircut design


Curly High Top With Side Shaved Line Hairstyle

curly high top with side shaved line hairstyle


Diamond Designed Fade Box Top Men Haircut

diamond designed fade box top men haircut


Faux Hawk Fade Haircut Idea

faux hawk fade haircut idea


The boys having short hairs can adopt this high-top fade hairstyle without curls. This cool hairstyle gives a taller look to the boys. So, the boys having not a good height should adopt this style without any hesitation.

Two Colored Fade Hairstyle For Boys

two colored fade hairstyle for boys


The style extends the hairline into an arced part that divides the faded portion from the crowned bulky hair. Use nourishing cream to define the curls.

Skin Fade Hairstyle Idea For Beard Men

skin fade hairstyle idea for beard men


Men with High Curly Top Hairstyle Design

men with high curly top hairstyle design


Two Toned Tapered High Fade Haircut Idea

two toned tapered high fade haircut idea


A stylish look can be incorporated in a simple fade cut by adding long and twisted locks that will add height on the top. If not, then you can just keep it as the simple high top fade hairdo.

Shumpert Black High Top Faded Hair

shumpert black high top faded hair1

With those hairdos, create your own unique style. Consider the types of curls and the exact placement of the fade. One can get a variety of looks by adding a hard part and a cool hair design. Most often the length of high-top fade hairstyle is to be between 2 to 6 inches. The hairdo demands less maintenance and award more styling.

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