By experimenting with new and unique styles is how a fashionista is born. A hairstyle is one thing which people keep changing on a regular basis in order to sport a different look each time. Celebrities keep trying out different hairstyles to set a style statement.

This is where the mushroom hairstyle comes into the picture. Mushroom hairstyles have garnered a lot of popularity due to its chic look. Amongst these hairstyle designs, the most classic ones are the bowl haircut ideas, which have been a rage since the earlier times. Some of the most popular mushroom hairstyle designs are listed below

Bria Murphy Short Mushroom Hairstyle

bria murphy short mushroom hairstyle

This short mushroom hairstyle sported by popular Hollywood actress Bria Murphy looks extremely stylish and chic. She has always been famous for her unique hairstyles. This is perfect for those who wish to look bold and sexy.

Zendaya Mushroom Bob Cut

zendaya mushroom bob cut

American actress, singer and dancer Zendaya dons a mushroom bob cut in this picture and looks stunning. The hair in front has got a scattered look, but, at the same time it looks extremely out of the box. You may also see Grunge Hairstyles

Mary J. Blige Caramel Bowl Cut Bob Hairstyle

mary j

The caramel bowl cut bob hairstyle donned by American actress and model Mary J Blige looks extremely appealing and sexy. The blonde locks and long bangs in front add a touch of boldness to her entire look. This hairstyle is perfect for those who wish to stand out in a crowd.

Agyness Deyn Mushroom Bob with Bangs

agyness deyn mushroom bob with bangs

Hollywood actress and former top model Agyness Deyn is seen sporting a mushroom bob cut with bangs. This chin-length mushroom bob haircut is specially for those who wish to stun others even with a no-makeup look.

Rihanna Mushroom Haircut Idea

rihanna mushroom haircut idea

At the fifth spot is the mushroom haircut donned by American singer and songwriter Rihanna. The combination of deep blonde highlights and long bangs adds to the style quotient of this look.

Justin Bieber Mushroom Haircut for Boys

justin bieber mushroom haircut for boys

Singer and songwriter Justin Bieber is a teen sensation and boys constantly try to be like him by duplicating his looks and his hairstyles. One of his most popular hairstyles is the mushroom haircut shown in this picture. This haircut is inspired by the Beatles. This hairstyle is particularly meant for those who can’t afford to spend much time on their hair as this hairstyle is easily manageable.

Jennifer Hudson Mushroom Weave Hairstyle

jennifer hudson mushroom weave hairstyle

Next up on this list is the mushroom weave hairstyle worn by American singer and actress Jennifer Hudson. The high heavy bangs look extremely trendy and jazzy.

Robyn Bowl Cut Fade Hairstyle

robyn bowl cut fade hairstyle

This bowl cut fade hairstyle donned by Swedish singer and songwriter Robyn has also become a rage among people. The bowl haircut suits those who wish to look edgy and classy.

Nicole Richie Mushroom Straight Bang Hairstyle

nicole richie mushroom straight bang hairstyle

Next up is the mushroom straight bangs hairstyle worn by American fashion designer and actress Nicole Richie. This hairstyle is specifically designed for those who wish to look simple and stylish at the same time.

The bowl cut was extremely popular during the earlier times, but, now it has made a grand comeback into the world of fashion as it has become a style statement. During the earlier times, this haircut was usually sported by high school boys, but, nowadays, this haircut has been associated with being bold and trendy.

Punky Mushroom Haircut Idea

punky mushroom haircut idea


Natural Curly Mushroom Hair

natural curly mushroom hair


Lovely Mushroom Hairstyle for Thick Hair

lovely mushroom hairstyle for thick hair


Short Mushroom Haircut with Bangs

short mushroom haircut with bangs


Curly Bowl Hairstyle Idea

curly bowl hairstyle idea


Undercut Bowl Hairstyle Design

undercut bowl hairstyle design


Comfortable and stylish – these are the words that best describe the mushroom hairstyle designs. Gone are the days when only women were extremely conscious about their hairstyles as nowadays, even men are highly conscious about their appearance.

The only haircut which suits men and women equally is the mushroom haircut. Some other amazing mushroom hairstyle designs are the choppy bob haircut ideas, mullet haircut ideas and blunt bob haircut designs. The choppy bob haircut is the best for enhancing your facial features whereas the mullet hairstyle is a classic one. It increases the style quotient and makes you look like a celebrity.

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