It is rightly said that what goes around comes around and the proverb has been proven particularly true in the case of fashion and makeup. Considered as a very popular style once, the bowl cut also known as the mushroom cut has made an interesting comeback. If you think that bowl cut is a hair trend suited just for the males, we must tell you that with some modern modifications the cut can be carried out with equal ease and style by both the genders.

We have compiled a list of 9 best bowl haircut ideas that are surely going to convince you to chop off your hair in the vintage style this summer season.

Keri Hilson Bowl Haircut

keri hilson bowl haircut

Keri Hilson bowl haircut is the best way to get the hair of your neck and still maintain the feminine look from the front. Ask your hairdresser to give you side swept bangs from the front, you can even include a streak of color for giving further definition to your look. The Hilson bowl look is simple to style and easy to carry.

Rihanna Colored Bowl Hairstyle

rihanna colored bowl hairstyle

If you love the look of fringes, you will definitely love the Rihanna bowl cut. Go for a heavy fringe on your forehead that goes till the length of your eyebrows. The look is cute and helps to add softness and warmth to your face.

Jennifer Hudson Bowl Cut

jennifer hudson bowl cut

If you think bowl cut is flat and lacks texture add layers to your standard bowl haircut. Go for the Jennifer Hudson look by chopping off the hair from back and giving a layered look on the front. Adjust the length of your hair as per your personal preference.

Agyness Deyn Bowl Cut Hairstyle

agyness deyn bowl cut hairstyle

Go for the traditional Deyn look by giving a thick symmetrical chop in the front and keeping the length equal on the back. The cut will look lovely with straight as well as slightly wavy hair. You may also See Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Irina Lazareanu Shiny Bowl Hairstyle

irina lazareanu shiny bowl hairstyle

A somewhat more fun and short bowl haircut to try is the Irina Lazareanu Shiny Bowl Hairstyle. For achieving the look opt for a slightly short length on the mid-forehead and longer on the sideburns. The look is easy to manage and carry with any style of outfit.

Karen O Mullet Bowl

karen o mullet bowl

Bowl haircuts don’t always need to be short. Karen O Mullet’s style is perfect if you wish to opt for a longer bowl haircut. Give a traditional heavy fringe on the front and add two distinct layers in the remaining hair. Take the majority of your hair in the first layer and cut it till the length of your ear. Now add steps to the bottom most section of your hair and keep the length longer than the first layer. The look is edgy and a must try if you are looking for an experimental style to try.

Sia Blonde Bowl Hairstyle

sia blonde bowl hairstyle

Just with a slight alteration, you can achieve a striking bowl cut even with thin or fine hair. Instead of opting for a heavy fringe go for a lighter fringed look and keep the remaining length till the length of your ear. The look will help to bring some volume as well as frame your face.

Dawn Richard Black Bowl Haircut Idea

dawn richard black bowl haircut idea

Add steps to the standard short bowl to bring in some fun and texture to your haircut. The look comes out lovely if you already have a slight wave to your hair.

Mary J. Blige Caramel Toned Bowl Cut

mary j


Opt for the Mary J. Blige look for giving your bowl a more defined appearance. Taper out the edge of your fringes to make the look and the haircut more sharp and clear. You may also See A Line Bob Hairstyle Ideas

Taylor Swift Bowl Haircut with Bangs

taylor swift bowl haircut with bangs

Pixie Bowl Haircut Idea

pixie bowl haircut idea


Kids Bowl Hairstyle Design

kids bowl hairstyle design


Trendy Haircut for Women

trendy haircut for women


There is absolutely no need to look goofy with the old perfect cookware shaped circle on your head. Instead, style your bowl in layers or steps and give the classic haircut a modern variation this summers.

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