There are practically dozens of hairstyle designs for each hair type and length. Say, short hairstyles include a bob or a pixie cut. However, the V-cut and U-cut designs seem to compliment most of the hair types. The V-shape gives your hair a flattering shape as it is heavily layered to make a V-point at the ends. Here a few V-cut hairstyle designs that you could consider giving a shot the next time you go for a trim.

V Cut Hairstyle for Curly Hair

v cut hairstyle for curly hair


Everybody envies long, curly hair. If you have curly hair, then a V-cut hairstyle will give your hair volume, dimension and character. This V-cut hairstyle focuses on the front layers while the flattering length is maintained at the back with just a trim.

Hairstyles for long straight hair have always been either the U-cut or the V-cut. Although, if you want to cut off any length from the hair, go for a V-cut hairstyle. What that does is give you the layers mostly in the front while the deep V shines in the back. You may also see Bob Weave Hairstyles

Messy hair? Don’t care! If your tresses are wild and unmanageable, give them some shape and trim them at the back with a V cut for more depth. Add layers at the back too, if you’re up for it.

Layered V Cut Hair

layered v cut hair


The layers add so much more dimension to the hair. In fact. If you add more layers at the back as opposed to the front, it gives an illusion of a longer hair that has much more volume. Highlights also help in giving illusionary volume.

Short V Cut Hairstyle

short v cut hairstyle


Why should long-haired girls have all the fun? Get over the short pixie haircuts that have become overly common. Go for a V-cut hairstyle instead. If you want to play bold, go ahead and shave the sides.

Deep V Cut Hairstyle Design

deep v cut hairstyle design


The sweet and simple deep V-cut hairstyle is for medium and long-haired women who have a tough time managing their hair. With lesser layers at the front and more at the back end, the deep V is quite prominent.

Natural curls with some edge! The deep V here gives a sharp look and is also contradicting the curls at the back. The V cut fade hairstyle gives you absolutely manageable hair that has a lot of character on its own.

Super long hair doesn’t have to be outdated and boring. All it takes is some skill with the scissors to give a very flattering and unique look. This particular hairstyle is evidence for that. Since it is not all one length, it looks more cutting-edge and sharp.

Men V Cut Hairstyle Idea

men v cut hairstyle idea


The V-cut mohawk hair is presently a rage among all men! And why not? The V cut hairstyle personifies the present thinking man who is not afraid to cross fashion borders and discover the best for himself.

Two Toned V Cut Hairstyle

two toned v cut hairstyle


The double tone helps to accentuate the cut and length of the hair. In this case. The pink ombre is in contradiction to the hair in the crown in terms of the colour and thus, helps to make the “V” at the end more prominent.

Trendy V Cut Hairstyle Idea

trendy v cut hairstyle idea


Cool V Cut Hairstyle for Women

cool v cut hairstyle for women


Simple V Shape Haircut

simple v shape haircut


Stylish V Cut Hairstyle Design

stylish v cut hairstyle design


For short hairdos, the bob haircut and the emo pixie haircut have outlived their span and need to be given a twist with the V-cut hairstyles. They have a variety of options for both short and long hair. Long-haired ladies, step out of the box and try something unique and exclusive with V-cut hairstyles.

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