Haircuts have been in existence since time immemorial. Most have survived the tests of time and one in particular is “The Mohawk”. It has been sported a little over 2000 years now and is gradually making its way back to the limelight with favourites ranging from teens to middle aged people. Even celebrities have graced the red carpet with the phenomenal haircut.

David Beckham Short Mohawk Hair

david beckham mohican hair

Jada Pinkett Smith Mohawk

jada pinkett smith mohawk

Rihanna Mohawk Fro Hawk Hairstyle

rihanna mohawk hairstyle

A mohawk is simply a haircut where both sides of your hair are shaved and the middle tuft of your hair is noticeably longer than the sides. Some choose to dye it, plait, dread or even make it spiky. There are various designs including liberty spikes, death hawk, the quiff, fro hawk, Chelsea hawk, dread hawk, lazy hawk and the war hawk.

Scarlett Johansson Polished Mohawk

scarlett johanssons polished mohawk

Janet Jackson Afro Faux Hawk

janet jackson mohawk

Miley Cyrus Blonde Mohawk Hair

miley cyrus mohawk hair

Jared Leto Death Hawk hairstyle

jared leto mohawk hairstyle

Kelly Osbourne Mohawk

kelly osbourne mohawk

Pink Miley Blonde Mohawk

pink miley blonde mohawk

Kesha Chelsea Hawk

kesha high mohawk

The Weeknd Dread Hawk Cut

the weeknd mohawk fade cut

Mid High Seth Green Mohawk

seth green mohawk

Zayn Malik Semi Mohawk Cut

zayn mailk fade haircut

V Shaped Skin Fade Haircut


Image Source

Smoky Spiked up Fade Hair

mohawk style hair cut

Image Source

High Fade with Side sweep


Image Source

Afro Mohawk Fade Haircut

kid mohawk hairstyle

Image Source

Side Swept with Line Fade


Image Source

High Fade Mohawk Hairstyle


Image Source

Natural Curls with Part

mohawk style hair

Image Source

Multi Shade Mohawk Haircut

hair cut designs

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Loose Curls Mohawk Fade cut


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It’s trending, footballers, actors, musicians and growing children alike. Whether lad or lass, sporting one should be on your bucket list.

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