Punk Hairstyle is very similar to a Mohawk hairstyle. It is when all your hair is gathered at the center to make a weird shape or form. But, hey this weird shape has been in fashion for many years now. They have been termed differently every year and what we like about it the most is how funky and unique they look. It is good to break monotony now and then and venture into something new. Take a look at these punk hairstyles and you might have to book an appointment with your hairstylist.

Jennifer Lopez Messy Punk Hairs Idea

jennifer lopez messy punk hairs idea

This look is different and amazing. Comb all your hair back and push them in the center, slightly tilting it on one of the sides. This can be a look for people with short hair and make sure you try this look with a stunning dress.

Miley Cyrus Spiky Punk Hairstyle

miley cyrus spiky punk hairstyle

This is an absolute punk hairstyle. All your hair will be spiked to make you look like an absolute rock star. She has the disconnected haircut on the sides which makes it look more stylish and overall this look is crazy, definitely a good crazy.

Kristen Stewart Punk Ponytail Hairstyle

kristen stewart punk ponytail hairstyle

Doesn’t she look stylish and hot with this hairstyle? This is not eccentric like the others but definitely looks smart and can be done on regular basis. It will look neat and elegant.

Scarlett Johansson Mullet Punk Hairstyle

scarlett johansson mullet punk hairstyle

This can also be called a messy mullet hairstyle. Her hair is spread all across and mainly on her forehead that does look like fringes and makes her look different. More than anything this hairstyle is unique and that’s what will make you stand out.

Anne Hathaway Straight Punk Hairstyle

anne hathaway straight punk hairstyle

Anne Hathaway’s hairstyle also looks like a pixie hairstyle. We love the way she has pushed all the hair on one side and left only a little portion on the other side. The color and haircut definitely do suit her.

Kelly Osbourne Punk Mohawk Haircut

kelly osbourne punk mohawk haircut

This is definitely an eccentric punk hairstyle. The color gives it an excessive punk-ness. The disconnected hairstyle is also there in this apart from which the hair on top is styled in a different manner. You are ought to look distinctive with a hairstyle like this.

Evan Rachel Wood Punk Pixie Hairstyle Idea

evan rachel wood punk pixie hairstyle idea

This is smart, chic and full of elegance. It is a mixture of messy hair that also is brushed neatly in some parts. You could style your hair like this even with formals and people at work won’t stop complimenting you.

Lily Collins Rock Bob Punk Hairstyle

lily collins rock bob punk hairstyle

This hairstyle will be perfect if you are going to a party. This hairstyle is messy and looks out of the box. You will look like a complete punk. We love how major portion of the hair is pushed to one side to make it look very smart.

Ruby Rose Short Punk Hairstyle

ruby rose short punk hairstyle

This would be a very bold step to take but trust us you will look gorgeous with a punk haircut like this. The disconnect haircut and the semi-spiked hairstyle, all put together gives out a very smart look and feel.

Agyness Deyn Punk Hairstyle

agyness deyn punk hairstyle

If you like short hair and mind styling it like the boys do, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Semi spikes your hair and pushes them all at the back. Make sure you leave a puffy look on top to make the spikes stand out. You may also see Short Bob Hairstyles

Cool Punk Haircut for Men

cool punk haircut for men


Yellow Color Wavy Punk Hair

yellow color wavy punk hair


Blue Color Mohawk Haircut Idea

blue color mohawk haircut idea


Short Undercut Punk Hairstyle

short undercut punk hairstyle


Blue and White Punk Hair

blue and white punk hair


Textured Bob Hairstyle Idea

textured bob hairstyle idea


These are some eccentric but bold and chic hairstyle we found for you. You will make a bold statement with a hairstyle like this and definitely are going to make heads turn. Be ready for all the attention you are going to get.

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