Whether it was the dramatic capes or the snazzy thigh high boots, 2016 saw some major trends take over the fashion world with a storm. As the year is finally coming to an end, there ought to be a stunning finish to a fashionable year. With high hope and promising designs, we have today compiled a list of 10 trends that are going to be a huge hit in 2017.

1. Pins and Patches

pins and patches

Pins and patches were one of the popular trends seen in 2016 and it is definitely not going anywhere in 2017. Embellished on everything from purses to jackets, these tiny little accessories are definitely an easy and will find a way to turn around the look of a solid neutral outfit.

2. Bell Sleeves

bell sleeves

If some hearsays in the fashion world are to be believed, the bell sleeves are the new cold shoulders. With varying colour and fit options, it would be a right choice to stock up your wardrobe with the trend.

3. Stripes


Stripes can now be placed parallel to a classic white tee in every girl’s wardrobe. With a versatile styling quality, the stripes with an innumerable width and positioning can really give the casual, formal and dressy outfits the added edge.

4. Sporty


Athleisure was a common name with many brands this year, but the next year will be dominated by sporty outfits. Switch your loose sexy yoga sweats with a stronger and sexier a la Courreges.

5. Backless Mules

backless mules

If there is one shoe trend that is really going to take over 2017, it is definitely the mules. Flat mules, low block-heel mules, heeled mules, sneaker mules, espadrille mules; mules in all fabrics and colours including velvet, satin, canvas, and embroidery will be the favourites of every fashionista.

6. Khaki


Black and white does entail a timeless quality, but try and go for a new and refreshing neutral, Khaki this 2017. Shining bright on accessories, clothing, pants, the khaki look will definitely outshine many fashion runways the coming seasons.

7. Multiple Earrings

multiple earrings

The trend of stacking is back and whether it is with rings or earrings, the style definitely calls for the more the merrier.

8. White Sneakers

white sneakers

Bringing back the trend of the 80’s, the high top sneakers in classic white have made a comeback and with the unisex style will definitely leave a mark in 2017.

9. High Necklines

high necklines

Right from shirts to dresses to tops, the high necklines are going to enjoy a vast presence in the coming year. Looking chic and elegant, the high necklines with their flattering fit match well with all body types.

10. Victorian Blouses

victorian blouses

Delicate and romantic, the Victorian blouses with ruffled sleeves, cuffs and neck, are going to give your wardrobe a lot more polished and soft appearance this 2017.

Give your wardrobe an early upgrade and bring a classy and trendy upswing to your fashion statement.

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