From the Oscars, to the Golden Globes, from BAFTAs to the SAG Awards, the red carpet is one common element that keeps fashion enthusiasts like us eager. It brings out the sophistication and symbolizes the importance of the event.

Most celebrities who grace the shows normally start working with designers and stylist few months before the actual event to ensure their designs are nothing but the best. Designers work to ensure that their work is well displayed and represented on these platforms. That being said, with most of these events happening every year, designers have to carry the not so easy load of coming up with new and unique designs.

We have therefore been witnessing similar trends on the red carpet with twists and turns but some of the designs have been retained. These are the popular trends which we have witnessed on the red carpet over and over and doesn’t seem like they’ll be going anywhere any time soon.

Here are the six trends that have become popular on the red carpet.

Plunging Neckline


Plunges have become a popular trend on the red carpet. So much so, that the design has been taken from the front to the back. While some choose to play it safe, others can go really low.

The question with this trend therefore is how low can you go? Some call it the navel-grazing necklines, some say deep or daring necklines, while others simply call it plunge. Whatever the name, the design has been one of the favorites when it comes to red carpet showcase.

plungimg neck lines

Popular and established designers as well as upcoming designers have all adopted this trend in their designs. Tom Ford, Valentino, Dior, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and others.

plunging neckline 2

Train Dresses

train dress rihanna

So while there is the how low you can go trend, there is also how long you can go, or should we say how behind you can trail. And no we are not talking about wedding gowns. The length of the train is what has distinguishes these dresses from others. While some stars choose a gown with the multiple feet of fabric, others go for a short train behind them.

train dresses 3

The gowns are no doubt gorgeous, but the length can be a little tricky.

train dresses

During the 2016 Oscars in LA, actress Cate Blanchett wore a beautiful floor length cluster of petals and crystals gown by Armani. Todd Haynes ended up stepping on the train’s garment as they took pictures on the red carpet and there was nothing she could do but watch.

Eva Longoria has also had her share of the worry that comes with the train.


The train design still remains a showstopper, despite its perils and possibility of tripping.

train dresses 2

See Through Dresses

naked outfits

Away from the trains and the plunges, comes the most popular trend: the see through gowns. If you thought this trend started the other day you couldn’t be more wrong. It might have taken a pop currently but it certainly didn’t start last year.

naked dress 6

From musicians, to actresses, most of the celebrities have worn these dresses to one event or the other.

naked dress 4

The dresses may have varied sheer fabrics, take up different styles but apart from the difference in sequins, crystals, lace, metals, feathers or colors, the trend is the same. This design is however not for the faint hearted, the more confidence you exude the sexier the dress looks on you.

naked dress



Sequins are for those who want to sparkle and dazzle on the red carpet.

sequined dresses

The dresses come in different colors. Silver, blue, gold etc. but the glitter and the shine is what makes this trend rock on the red carpet. The trend has been and continues to be worn yearly on different platform and shows. Marc Jacobs, Prada, Dior dress have all designed dresses for different stars including Keri Washington, Jennifer Lawrence among others.

sequins dresses 1


 Tight High Slit

slit dresses

So we have had how low, how long and now we have the how high design

slit dress 3

The slit on gown dresses is also a popular trend on the red carpet. Few years down the line and the design has been taken only a notch higher.

slit dress 1

slit dress1


slit dress 4

Velvet Tuxes


Finally without leaving the gents out, the velvet tuxedos seem to be a popular trend with the guys. The sparkling suits seem to be their most popular trend but the velvet tuxes are also finding their spot.

velvet tuxedo 4

It can either be just a velvet jacket, collar velvet, bowtie velvet, but the gentlemen are also looking for a trend to add to the not so many choices of styles they have.

velvet tuxedo 5

They also come in different colors, however blue and black are the most common.


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