When planning an event, the details are key to making an event a success. Invitations are one of the most important details for an event such as an awards ceremony, because they set the tone and theme of the event, as well as telling guests all of the important details. In this article, we will look at invitations for all events, such as retirement party invitations, award ceremony invitations, and many others.

Printable Award Ceremony Invitation

This invitation is perfect for formal awards ceremonies and celebrations. The navy design with gold embellishments is simple, yet elegant, and perfect for a more mature party. It is available to be customised when ordered.

Eagle Awards Ceremony Invitation Template

This is another simple navy design with silver embellishments and writing. This invitation features the logo of a company, and is perfect for corporate event invitations, as it is professional and elegant.

Red Carpet Award Ceremony Invitation

This invitation template is perfect for a red carpet event, or a red carpet themed event. The red background makes the black tie outfits and the white writing stand out clearly for invitees. It is available to be customised when ordered.

Redbook Award Ceremony Invitation

This invitation is for a much more modern style of party. The template uses brighter colours, such as pinks and oranges, to make the information pop and catch the invitee’s eye. The font is clear and mostly in capitals, so it is easy to read for all ages.

NCB Award Ceremony Invitations

This invitation is specifically for a sporting event.  It comes with the black and white theme with gold embellishments, as well as the addition of a flag, which is used in the sport. It is perfect for sports themed events, whilst still being tasteful to show that it is a black tie event.

Award Giving Ceremony Invitation

The theme of this invitation is very clear by the featured graduation hat on the invitation design, as well as the name and logo of the educational institute. The cursive font at the bottom of the invitation gives the invitation a classier feel to it, giving the impression that the event is special.

Nurse Award Ceremony Invitation

This is a very simple invitation design, with a floral background and block black lettering. It is clear and concise, but also gives all of the information to the invitee.

Teacher of the Year Award Ceremony Invitation

This invitation comes in two tones, a light and a dark, and mainly features black and gold, a common color pairing for sophisticated events. It features a red carpet and shows the invitee all of the information, as well as showing that the event is formal.

Movie Award Ceremony Party Invitation

This is the perfect invitation for movie themed parties and award ceremonies, as it immediately shows the tone and theme of the party. The design mimics an old-style movie ticket, featuring blacks, reds and creams, in order to show the theme of the party.

Hall of Fame Invitation

The simple design shows that the event this invitation is presenting is elegant and sophisticated. The simple pairing of black and white, and then some yellow gives the invitation a bit of a twist on the traditional black and white, without being outlandish. This invitation template is perfect for classy, formal events.

Gold Award Ceremony Invitation

Sales Achievement Award e-Invitation

Awards Ceremony Gala Invitation

AIGA Fellows Award Ceremony Invitation

Annual Student Recognition Award Ceremony Invitation

CPCC Awards Ceremony Invitation

There are many different types and templates of invitations, which span across all kinds of events, such as birthday invitations, farewell invitations, and so many others. These invitation cater more specifically to award events and are the perfect way to instill an initial impression of the even in your guest’s minds.

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