Invitations have to be stylish and designed according to the occasion. For a college party, it has to evoke feelings of excitement whereas for a business conference, it has to be crisp and professional. There are countless occasions that one can get an invitation. The right invitation design will successfully inspire people to attend the event you are organizing. Today we are presenting you with a list of most beautiful invitation designs to help you choose.

Wedding Invitation Designs

Wedding invitations have an elegant and romantic feeling. You can choose a template with a specific style like vintage or a floral one. You will mostly find them in soft colors with matte or glossy finish though there are no restrictions as you can choose any color you might like.

Vintage Wedding Invitation Design

Beach Wedding Invitation Design

Formal Wedding Invitation Design

Baby Shower Invitation Designs

A card with beautiful and cute design will be the right choice for a baby shower invitation. There are many templates available in PSD, eps and png format files that will help you customize it to your preferences. You can choose from a great variety of color combinations and styles.

Printable Baby Shower Invitation Design

Girl Baby Shower Invitation Design

Boy Baby Shower Invitation Design

Graduation Invitation Designs

You can fully personalize your invitations by inserting a photo of your choice. Graduation invitations have to reflect on the graduates they are meant for. You can choose the right one in most available format files and edit to fit your personal style.

Graduation Party Invitation Design

College Graduation Invitation Design

High School Graduation Invitation Design

Bridal Shower Invitation Designs

Every bride has a different taste. But don’t worry. In the great variety of bridal shower invitations, you will find the one that is going to be just for you. There are many templates available in jpg, eps and pdf format files that are fully layered to allow customization.

Beach Bridal Shower Invitation Design

Floral Bridal Shower Invitation Design

Vintage Bridal Shower Invitation Design

Corporate Invitation Designs

Make a professional statement with a stylish and elegant invitation. You can find them in most known format files that you can fully edit on your own.

Corporate Event Invitation Design

Corporate Party Invitation Design

Corporate Anniversary Invitation Design

Birthday Invitation Designs

There are many types of birthday invitations that one can choose.  Vibrant colors or soft pastels in smart and creative design will make your invitation look amazing. Find them in PSD, png and eps format files that allow customization.

Birthday Party Invitation Design

Teen Birthday Invitation Design

Adult Birthday Invitation Design

Housewarming Invitation Designs

This category of invitations is the most versatile of all. You can choose to go with any theme you like without having to worry if it will look good or not. You can decide among different colors or a certain color scheme. Available in most known format files you can fully personalize.

Printable Housewarming Invitation Design

Housewarming Party Invitation Design

Funny Housewarming Invitation Design

Baptism Invitation Designs

With baptism invitations, you can either go for sweet and elegant or for fun and creative. There are many different designs in a variety of color combinations and themes, to choose from depending on the baby’s gender or personal preferences.

Boy Baptism Invitation Design

Modern Baptism Invitation Design

Baby Girl Baptism Invitation Design

Formal Invitation Designs

Formal designs have a touch of elegance and subtle beauty. You can choose a template with a simple design or an appropriate illustration. You can find designs in many different styles that will allow you to create the perfect invitation. A matte paper with glossy typing will be perfect.

Formal Meeting Invitation Design

Formal Dinner Invitation Design

Formal Wedding Invitation Design

Event Invitation Designs

There are many different events that require invitations. Depending on the event’s nature and purpose the invitation should be designed accordingly. Most events allow for a seasonal theme that looks great. There are many templates available in jpg, eps and png format files with fully layered properties.

Business Event Invitation Design

Non Profit Event Invitation Design

Sports Event Invitation Design


Anniversary Invitation Designs

An anniversary invitation template has to be well designed and reflecting on the reason for the celebrated occasion. There are many types of invitation cards that you can choose depending on the anniversary’s nature. Find them in all known format files that offer full customization properties.

Church Anniversary Invitation Design

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Design

Business Anniversary Invitation Design

Ceremony Invitation Designs

Every ceremony deserves a unique and creative invitation that everyone will admire. You can go with a minimalist style that will have a subtle tone of elegance or you can choose an intricate one with illustrations and other designs. Available in PSD, pdf and jpg format files to self-edit.

Opening Ceremony Invitation Design

Naming Ceremony Invitation Design

Award Ceremony Invitation Design

Pool Party Invitation Designs

Pool parties are fun with a strong summery feeling. Many templates for pool party invitations have designs related to the theme that will give you a stylish result. You can fully customize your invitations to match your personal style or you can get a ready to print version.

Pool Birthday Party Invitation Design

Summer Pool Party Invitation Design

Kids Pool Party Invitation Design

Retirement Party Invitation Designs

Retirement is a very important milestone in one’s life. For this reason, a celebration with a retirement party is required. The designs available have different color schemes and styles that one can choose from. Choose an editable format file that will help you create the best invitations.

Teacher Retirement Party Invitation Design

Surprise Retirement Party Invitation Design

Military Retirement Party Invitation Design

Funeral Invitation Designs

A funeral invitation has to be reflective of the person that has passed. You can choose the style according to that person’s character and follow the appropriate color schemes.

Funeral Service Invitation Design

Funeral Program Invitation Design

Funeral Ceremony Invitation Design

Debut Invitation Designs

Debut invitations have a sense of glamour. You can choose your own special debut invitation from the great variety of templates available in online stores. You can choose the style of the invitation following a certain theme or your personal style.

Debut Party Invitation Design

Debut Event Invitation Design

Vintage Debut Invitation Design

Business Invitation Designs

Business invitation designs have to be professional. As it will reflect on the business’s character, you want to choose a style that has a crisp and posh quality. There are many different templates that you can choose from. Follow a neutral color scheme for effect.

Business Meeting Invitation Design

Business Breakfast Invitation Design

Business Party Invitation Design

Conference Invitation Designs

Every conference has a specific purpose. There are countless templates for conference invitations that will perfectly fit your needs. You can be creative and choose a unique design that will draw attention to the event. Find these templates in most available format files that have layered properties.

Medical Conference Invitation Design

Corporate Conference Invitation Design

Press Conference Invitation Design

Tea Party Invitation Designs

A pretty illustration with a beautiful set of fonts is ideal for tea party invitations. There are many designs that have different styles to choose from. Tea party templates are available in PSD, eps and jpg format files that allow customization.

Bridal Shower Tea Party Invitation Design

Princess Tea Party Invitation Design

Christmas Tea Party Invitation Design

Farewell Invitation Designs

Say goodbye to a farewell party. Choose an invitation that has style in order to thank the people you worked or lived with. You can decide among a variety of templates that come in most known format files and that allow for full customization and create something memorable.

Farewell Party Invitation Design

Moving Farewell Party Invitation Design

Military Farewell Invitation Design

You can design stunning invitations according to a certain theme or style. You can use ready-made layouts that will act as a canvas to design and decorate on your own. Invitations are useful for almost every occasion and they are a great solution when the number of guests is high.

Invitations are special. They have the power to encourage or avert people from attending an event. So make sure you choose the best design template. In any case, we hope that this collection of beautiful invitation designs will give you some amazing ideas to use for your own special occasions.

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