Birthday invitations are key in setting the theme of the party or event, as well as giving guests the correct information to get them to the party at the right time, as well as the right place. This list has compiled some of the best, most versatile, and most fun birthday invitations for people of all ages, so that you can find the ideas and inspiration for your special day, or to create a surprise event for someone that you love.

Birthday Party Invitations

These birthday party invitations are colourful design with balloons that have plenty of space for all of the important information for a party. This invitation design is perfect for a child’s birthday party.

Elegant Birthday Party Invitation

Halloween Birthday Party Invitation

50th Birthday Party Invitation

Printable Birthday Invitations

This printable party invitation is a colourful and fun design with all of the information that your guests need, as well as RSVP slips so that you know who will be coming. This design is perfect for children through primary school ages.

Mickey Mouse Printable Birthday Invitation

Printable Birthday Party Invitation

Printable Frozen Birthday Invitation

Surprise Birthday Invitations

These surprise birthday invitation designs are fun party designs to show that the party will be a surprise. This design gives all of the space for necessary details and is perfect for birthdays of all ages.

60th Surprise Birthday Invitation

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

Printable Surprise Birthday Invitation

Kids Birthday Invitations

This kids birthday party design is perfect for a summer birthday. The multi-coloured design of this invitation makes it ideal for young children, as well as being a unisex invitation design.

Vintage Kids Birthday Invitation

Kids Birthday Party Invitation

Sparkling Kids Birthday Invitation

Vintage Birthday Invitations

Vintage birthday invites are more profoundly designed and hence are not very suitable for small kids’ birthday.  The invites have fancy vintage style fonts and carries space for necessary information to tell the guests when and where the party will be taking place.

Vintage Birthday Party Invitation

Vintage 1st Birthday Invitation

Retro Birthday Invitation

Vintage Airplane Birthday Invitation

Funny Birthday Invitations

This birthday invitation uses a funny quote to start off the invitation, making it perfect for parties of those who are a bit older. The design can be unconvention and sometimes quircky.

Funny Mustache Birthday Invitation

Teen Birthday Invitations

Teenage birthday invitation is ideal for a themed party. This invitation is for a pool party and uses the design of water and life rings to create a fun design. The invitation has all of the information in clear writing to tell guests when to arrive, and where.

Teenage Girl Birthday Invitation

Teenage Birthday Party Invitation

Princess Birthday Invitations

Princess themed invitation is a simple cartoon design of a princess and a horse and carriage in pink, with all of the information in a handwritten cursive font. This invitation design is perfect you’re a young girl’s princess themed birthday party.

Disney Princess Birthday Invitation

Princess Birthday Party Invitation

Princess 1st Birthday Invitation

Photo Birthday Invitations

This birthday invitation features a picture of the child or person whose birthday it will be, as well as all of the information that the guests will need. This design can be used for parties for all ages.

Mickey Mouse Photo Birthday Invitation

Frozen Photo Birthday Invitation

Rainbow Birthday Invitations

This invitation design uses a rainbow banner and many different colours in the font and background; it also features a picture of the birthday person. This design is perfect for children’s parties that don’t necessarily have a theme, as it is still a fun and vibrant party invitation design.

Diy Rainbow Birthday Invitation

Rainbow Kids Birthday Party Invitation

Rainbow Chevron Birthday Invitation

Blank Birthday Invitations

This set of blank birthday invitation templates use bright colours and designs, but leave a lot of space for writing and images so that you can create your own message and writing. The versatility of these templates means that they are perfect for all ages and genders.

Minnie Mouse Blank Birthday Invitation

Blank Birthday Party Invitations

Fall Birthday Invitations

This fall birthday invitation design uses the colours of autumn in the font, and incorporates the image of a tree with falling leaves. This design is perfect for people with birthdays in the fall, and for people of all ages.

Pumpkin Fall Birthday Invitation

Frozen Birthday Invitations

These frozen birthday invitations take inspiration from the popular Disney children’s film, Frozen. These invitations are ideal for young children, no matter the gender, to create a Frozen themed birthday event.

Frozen Disney Birthday Invitation

Frozen Birthday Party Invitation

Floral Birthday Invitations

This floral birthday invitation design uses the images of pink roses to create the border and embellishments. This invitation design is very feminine, and is perfect for parties and events for later birthdays, as the design is much more demure than a children’s party invitation.

Vintage Floral Birthday Invitation

Floral 1st Birthday Invitation

Black And White Birthday Invitations

This black and white birthday invitation design uses an art deco designed border and simple black writing on a white background. This invitation is ideal for more elegant and classic birthday party themes for adults.

Black and White 50th Birthday Invitation

Black And White Birthday Party Invitation

Printable Black and White Birthday Invitation

We are confident that this list will help you find the perfect birthday invitation design for you or your loved one in order to get all of your friends and family to the right place at the right time, as we have carefully researched a huge range of options.

Why are birthday invitations needed?

Birthday invitations are vital in getting guests, friends, and family to the venue at the right time, and make sure that they are wearing the right clothes when they get there.

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