Many modern brides are now opting for vintage chic weddings making vintage wedding invitations a necessity. The invitations go a long way in complementing the retro theme and adding a romantic touch to the wedding celebrations. These invitation designs make use of rich colors, text, and font to make the invitation process as meaningful as the wedding itself. You can customize them to according to your preference so that you remind family and friends of past eras. Here are 10 easy to personalize vintage wedding invitations.

Vintage Wedding Lace Invitation

Do you want your wedding invitation to look special? Then opt for one of these vintage wedding lace invitations that allow you to add photos and text on all sides of the card. You get to choose from 12 unique paper styles and two shape options.

vintage wedding lace invitation

Diy Vintage Wedding Invitation

Incorporate aristocratic grace to your invitations by choosing these Diy vintage wedding invitations. They feature a floral design which is perfect for summer, spring, beach weddings or wedding done in exotic places such as Hawaii. You can use the floral pattern as a focal piece or subtle background.

diy vintage wedding invitation

Vintage Postcard Wedding Invitation

Avoid compromising on quality by opting for this well-designed vintage postcard wedding invitations. It comes in black and white colors which add a classic look to the invitation and compliment any other colors in the wedding theme. This design is ideal for couples who want to combine old style with modern designs.

vintage postcard wedding invitation

Vintage Wedding Ticket Invitation

Vintage wedding ticket invitation has a unique look that will be easy to remember. It combines blue and chocolate brown colors on a white background. The vintage theme is simple, classy and allows you to express the good news in a bold way. You may also See Beach Wedding Invitations

vintage wedding ticket invitation

Rustic Vintage Wedding Invitation

If you want cards that make wedding announcements in an extraordinary way then these rustic vintage wedding invitations are perfect for you. The cards are flat and in a 5 x 7-inch size. These invitations features rustic twinkling lights woven around an old oak tree and a love heart symbol with initials.

rustic vintage wedding invitation

Printable Vintage Wedding Invitation

These wedding invitations will make the wedding planning process a bit easier as they are print ready. The come in beautiful watercolor floral with delicate touches around deep hues. The gold adds a royalty effect to the designs. These cards are suitable for vintage inspired weddings.

printable vintage wedding invitation

Vintage Carnival Wedding Invitation

For couples who want a different look, these carnival wedding invitations are for you. They are suitable for weddings with a circus or wild animal theme. You get to customize your invitation by choosing colors, text, and fonts. You can even get a second insert to use as thank you card.

vintage carnival wedding invitation

Elegant Vintage Wedding Invitation

With decorative swirls and flourishes frame, these vintage wedding invitations are elegant. They feature a rustic antique textured background, and you can personalize the text to complement your reception and marriage ceremony in an unmatched way. You may also See Rustic Wedding Invitations

elegant vintage wedding invitation

A vintage wedding will feel and look incomplete without vintage invitations. These wedding invitations are professionally made and have a high-quality layout to ensure your day is, even more, special and memorable. With any of these invitations, you remind those attending of bygone eras and showcase the richness and uniqueness of your wedding.

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