Weddings are considered a personal, memorable, and formal event.

Personal, since it unites a couple in holy matrimony, which is something that they have longed for throughout their relationship. Memorable, since it happens only once in a couple’s lifetime and the experience is worth sharing to their children, as well as some close friends. And lastly, formal, since only invited people can attend this event. Because of these limitations, it involves the use of wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations are distributed to people who the couple wish to attend and witness their event. It usually contains the names of the couple that will be wed, the date and the venue that the wedding will take place, and a response to the invitation.

If you want to make your wedding invitation to look astounding and unique, then we have an entire gallery of vintage designs ready for download and use, so feel free to look around.


Broadway Vintage Wedding Invitation Design


Ornate Vintage Wedding Invitation Design


This vintage wedding invitation design makes use of a lot of ornate lines and shapes, and is paired with cursive fonts to go along with it. If you prefer the fanciness resulting from all the curved lines, then this design is a perfect choice.


Old Vintage Wedding Invitation Design


Typographic Vintage Wedding Invitation Design


The ceremony invitation design above is for wedding invitations that are minimal on the lines and patterns, and are more on the text. If you want your wedding invitation to have a straightforward design, then download this template.


Luxurious Vintage Wedding Invitation Design



Chalkboard Vintage Wedding Invitation Design


For wedding planners and couples who wish to be consistent in the designs used —from the pre-wedding preparations all the way to the post-wedding thank you cards— you may download this set of vintage designs. This set includes the wedding invitation card, a separate RSVP card to be used by the invited guest to respond to the invitation, a table number assigned for the guest, and a thank you card to be given to guests after the wedding.

To save you all the precious time and effort in looking everywhere to find designs that match the wedding invitation, you might as well download this set so you can start working on other details for the wedding.


Old Paper Vintage Wedding Invitation



This rustic wedding invitation design not only makes use of vintage-inspired font types, but also a background that is inspired by old paper quality. The rough edges, grains, and the uneven colors of the background are enough to make it look like a genuine paper from the previous century.


Bordered Vintage Wedding Invitation Design



For those who prefer a design that contains an ornate or a patterned border, then this is the ideal choice. This event invitation compresses all the text and typography in the middle portion of the design, and is enclosed in an artistic, ornate border. If you think the border is too small or the margins are too thick, you may be able to resize them giving you more space to write more text in the middle.

Wedding invitations are important not only because of formality reasons—that only those invited are able to attend—but it is also used as a tool to provide attendees with other necessary information they need to know about wedding, such as the motif or the theme of the wedding, and the specific roles of some of the attendees. Without invitations, an event will most likely become disorganized, and there may not be enough seats or food to accommodate all guests.

So download our formal invitation designs! They have been chosen from among the best ones and were gathered from reliable sources for your convenience. These designs can be downloaded easily with the click of a button, and you can own these designs for a reasonable fee.

Since these designs are in vector format, editing it is very easy and you don’t need to worry about losing quality. So enough with the reading and start downloading your own vintage wedding invitation design now.

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