Baptism is one of the most important ceremonies that many parents want to share with their family and friends. This moment in your child’s life should be celebrated with the right invitation designs. You can find many designs with an elegant approach as well as a fun tone that will set the mood for this pleasant event. If you want to learn more, then keep reading for our collection of baptism invitation designs we prepared.

Boy Baptism Invitation

If the invitation is for a boy you can choose blue shades that will add a cute look. You can go for a design that can carry a photograph of the baby or elegant calligraphy fonts to add style and extra character. You may also see Engagement Party Invitations

Simple Boy Baptism Invitation

simple boy baptism invitation

Modern Baptism Invitation

Modern baptism invitations gave an adorable design that is suitable for both genders. You can go for a minimalistic yet elegant design that will give you extra personality with stunning borders and fonts. You can even add a fun quote for memorable invitation. You may also see Beach Wedding Invitations

Girl Baptism Invitation

When it comes to baby girls parents tend to choose pink colors. However you have many stylish alternatives like purple, yellow and soft pale blue. You can go for any design that you think suits your baby’s character to choose.

Printable Baptism Invitation

A printable invitation will allow you to create and print amazing designs with incredible fonts and stylish layouts. Choose a design that has high resolution for better results during the printing process. You can customize them to cover your needs.

Free Baptism Invitation Design

Free designs will give you a cost free baptism invitation. You can find many remarkable designs that come in stylish layouts and creative quotes for a memorable baptism. These designs come in jpg, eps and psd formats to choose from. You may also see Pool Party Invitations

Free Baptism Invitation Download

free baptism invitation download

DIY Baptism Invitation

You can choose a design that is simple and without decorating elements in order to use as a creative diy project. You can decorate your invitations with lace, colored ribbons and incredible 3D décor that will add personality and style.

Floral Baptism Invitation Design

Floral invitations have a soft look that is romantic and adorable. You can choose a design with flowers and vines that create a stunning look while you can go for a classic style like vintage or country to add extra character. You may also see Baby Shower Invitations

Pink Floral Baptism Invitation

pink floral baptism invitation

Blank Baptism Invitation

Blank designs can give you incredible ideas for baptism invitations. You can create stylish designs with extra character that will look personalized and elegant. You can hand write them adding your information and adding your own stylish décor.

Vintage Baptism Invitation

Vintage designs will give you an elegant style that is attractive and suitable for both genders. You can go for a design with neutral colors to add an elegant tone or you can go for a vibrant color scheme that will make the designs memorable.

Vintage Lace Baptism Invitation

vintage lace baptism invitation

Photo Baptism Invitation

You can create a stunning photo baptism invitation with the photo of your baby decorating it. There is a great variety of designs you can choose from while you can find themed ones like breakfast invitations for morning baptism ceremony.

Best Photo Baptism Invitation

best photo baptism invitation

Choosing the right invitation is always a must. The layout, the decorative elements, and the font types are important factors that can eventually persuade your guests to join you in this special event. Like party invitation designs you can choose the level of formality in order to set the mood.

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