Anniversary celebrations are extremely special and they demand an even special invitation. While planning an anniversary party, ensure that the invitations sent are as awesome as the party itself! The words included in the anniversary invitation card have to be selective as well, writing down the perfect words for the celebration is crucial, sometimes it can be quite a challenge but nevertheless, we have got some of the most awesome invite ideas for wedding anniversaries, wedding shower invitations and formal company anniversary invitations. Let’s have a look at them below:

Vintage Wedding Anniversary Invitation

This is a vintage style wedding invite card which has a simple design with an effective theme. The card features lavender flower theme on one side and on the other side is some space for the names of bride and groom along with formal invitation words.

Tow Party Anniversary Invitation

This very pretty wedding invitation card which features a gold ribbon and bow has a classy color theme which is in gold and brown. It has a printed floral pattern and on the right side is the blank space for the names of bride and groom alongside a few warm words for inviting.

Colorful Anniversary Party Invitation Design

This is a very colorful and funky birthday party invitation design which can also be used for anniversary invitations. It features bright and vibrant colors like red and yellow and has a curtain opening design and in the center, the names have been written along with the date and venue.

Church Anniversary Invitation Design

This is a church anniversary invitation design which is why it has been kept to simple and elegant. It is a formal invitation design which is more of a flyer and poster kind. It makes use of special effects from Photoshop to create a unique design that stands out.

High Resolution Anniversary Invitation

This is a high-resolution anniversary invitation card which is available in various sizes as per the requirement. It has a formal and minimalist design and features colors like blue with white fonts along with colors like red and gold.

Beach Wedding Anniversary Invitation

This is a beach wedding anniversary flyer which has a high resolution and attractive graphics. The flyer can be used for several other occasions as well. It features bright and bold colors.

Restaurant Anniversary Invitation Template

This is another formal restaurant anniversary invitation which is a template having an elegant and sophisticated theme. It features a restaurant theme that depicts the event is to be conducted in the venue.

Company Anniversary Party Invitation

A company’s anniversary party invite has to be official and formal. This is a great design which can be used for company anniversary parties. It is a high-resolution card and the design is perfect for formal invitations.

Printable Anniversary Invitation

This is an elegant design for anniversary invitation which can be printed thereof. It is simple, elegant and budget friendly. One doesn’t necessarily spend a million bucks for an invite. This simple and printable anniversary is the answer to those looking to fit within the budget.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Invitation

This golden wedding card is elegant and royal looking. It features stylish font in red and black along with a baroque design in the corners. The card is a portrait shape and is perfect for weddings and anniversaries.

Funny Anniversary Invitation

Chalk Board Anniversary Invitation

Birthday Celebration Anniversary Invitation

Bridal Shower Anniversary Invitation

Free Anniversary Invitation

Elegant Wedding Anniversary Invitation

Simple Autumn Anniversary Invitation

Choosing the right anniversary invitation card can be a little challenging. We have narrowed down your choice to select from, depending on the occasion. The above anniversary invitation card ideas are exclusively screened and selected for you! Ensure that you choose the right one and take inspiration from the above ideas. You could also download them right away in your desired file format.

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