Receiving a simple envelope is boring and shows a lack of creativity. On the other hand, an envelope with a unique design is going to leave an impression to anyone who receives it. This means that envelope designs can be used as marketing tools. Here, we have a collection of envelope designs that feature creative ideas to use as a form of passive promotion that will benefit your business.

Wedding Envelope Designs

Wedding envelope designs need to have soft pastel colors. In case you want something simple then you can choose a delicate design to print on the envelope. However, you can get creative and find envelopes with intricate designs and illustrations. There are designs available in most format files to edit.

Wedding Invitation Envelope Design

wedding invitation envelope design

Floral Wedding Envelope Design

floral wedding envelope design

Wedding Envelope Design Template

wedding envelope design template

Business Envelope Designs

Every business has to print its logo on the envelopes. The recipient will recognize your logo and, it will be easier to remember it when they see it again. Choose simple color schemes keeping the bold colors to a minimum. You can find templates in PSD and eps format files.

Creative Business Envelope Design

creative business envelope design

Business Card Envelope Design

business card envelope design

Company Envelope Designs

The correct envelope design will support a company’s credibility. You can choose a design with a unique pattern in order to draw attention to the company. Patterns like geometric can be useful for this goal. Decide on a matching color combination while the templates are available in most format files.

Travel Company Envelope Design

travel company envelope design

Creative Company Envelope Design

creative company envelope design

Music Company Envelope Design

music company envelope design

Printable Envelope Designs

Finding a ready to print envelope design will save a lot of time. You can find a design that has unique characteristics that will ensure making an impression to the recipient. Printable envelope designs are available in pdf and PSD format files that you can print in the desired size.

Printable Gift Envelope Design

printable gift envelope design

Printable Christmas Envelope Design

printable christmas envelope design

Printable Birthday Envelope Design

printable birthday envelope design

Invitation Envelope Designs

Invitations have to be unique with intriguing envelopes. Depending on the event you can find the appropriate envelope that will impress your guests accordingly. There are many different designs you can choose, that are suitable for every occasion coloring and style. You can find them in editable formats to customize.

Graduation Invitation Envelope Design

graduation invitation envelope design

Invitation Card Envelope Design

invitation card envelope design

Birthday Invitation Envelope Design

birthday invitation envelope design

Handmade Envelope Designs

Handmade designs have a traditional look that is suitable for most projects. From party invitations to corporate correspondence a handmade design will help state a casual or formal style depending on the purpose of the correspondence. There are a plethora of remarkable designs that are available in most format files.

Handmade Money Envelope Design

handmade money envelope design

Handmade Envelope Letter Design

handmade envelope letter design

Handmade Card Envelope Design

handmade love card envelope design

Gift Envelope Designs

Envelopes for gifts need a somewhat informal style. You can find designs for romantic floral, contemporary and retro styles that you can use for different situations. In case you want to keep a branding concept then you can find remarkable designs for business envelopes that offer space for the logo.

Gift Certificate Envelope Design

gift certificate envelope design

Gift Card Envelope Design

gift card envelope design

Printable Christmas Gift Card Envelope Design

printable christmas gift card envelope design

Corporate Envelope Designs

Corporate envelopes have to be elegant, creative and sophisticated. You can find many templates for envelope designs that are specifically designed to accommodate a company’s needs in the correspondence department.

Corporate Identity Envelope Design

corporate identity envelope design

Creative Corporate Envelope Design

creative corporate envelope design

Money Envelope Designs

Money envelopes are suitable for birthdays, weddings and other occasions. The design needs to be pleasant and elegant in order to leave a good impression on the recipient. Be creative and choose a design with sophisticated elegance in a ready to print format file or in editable PSD and eps.

Printable Money Envelope Design

printable money envelope design

Money Gift Envelope Design

money gift envelope design

Stationery Envelope Designs

Stationary envelop designs usually come with a pack with other branding items like a business card, letterhead, pens etc. These packs are available in PSD and jpg format files allowing for easy customization. You can choose a specific design that reflects on your business’s character, with open space for your logo.

Postal Stationery Envelope Design

postal stationery envelope design

Wedding Stationery Envelope Design

wedding stationery envelope design

Church Envelope Designs

Church envelopes have a strong sense of religion. You can find a design that passes a message of faith with a spiritual design. There are many different designs in pdf, PSD and jpg formats that can be edited to accommodate a church’s needs for correspondence with the parishioners or authorities.

Church Offering Envelope Design

church offering envelope design

Church Anniversary Envelope Design

church anniversary envelope design

Square Envelope Designs

If you are tired with the plain square white envelopes then you can get a visual upgrade with a unique design. There is a great variety of interesting designs with colors and illustrations that can give you amazing results. You can find square envelope designs in most editable formats.

Square Invitation Envelope Design

square invitation envelope design

Square Wedding Envelope Designs

square wedding envelope design

Blank Envelope Designs

For a more traditional and formal style, you can go for a blank envelope in white or in any other color. Soft pastels can look feminine so caution is advised. You can find them in PSD, png and eps format files that you can customize in size.

Blank Card Envelope Design

blank card envelope design

Blank Letter Envelope Design

blank letter envelope design

Donation Envelope Designs

For philanthropic purposes, the envelope’s design has to pass on a message. In this case, you can find various designs that are available in fully editable format files that can be customized accordingly. A symbolic message or a quote is going to help you achieve your goals.

Childrens Theatre Donation Envelope Design

childrens theatre donation envelope design

Campaign Donation Envelope Design

campaign donation envelope design

Christmas Envelope Designs

This goes for personal and corporate use. You can show your celebratory spirit with a Christmas envelope design. There is a wide variety of designs that you can choose and that you can customize and make it suitable for branding. Available in PSD and eps formats will help with customization.

Christmas Card Envelope Design

christmas card envelope design

Christmas Letter Envelope Design

christmas letter envelope design

A4 Envelope Designs

For official documents, you need an A4 size for envelopes. You can find amazing designs that you can choose from and use for every purpose. There are available in ready to print versions as well as fully editable ones that can be customized to an A4 size.

A4 Corporate Envelope Design

a4 corporate envelope design

A4 Blank Envelope Design

a4 blank envelope design

Creative Envelope Designs

Envelopes with creative designs look great and eye catching. That makes them unique and recognizable. You can find many designs that come in packs for stationary and branding purposes. You can have an editable format file or a ready to print version to save you editing time.

Creative Money Envelope Design

creative money envelope design

Creative Handmade Envelope Design

creative handmade envelope design

Travel Agency Envelope Designs

A travel theme or exotic colors will help your clients recognize and remember you. You can choose bold colors or illustrations to promote your services. There are many stunning designs for travel agency envelopes in jpg, PSD and pdf format files that you can customize accordingly to fit your needs.

Travel Agency Business Envelope

travel agency business envelope

Depending on the purpose of the envelope you need to choose the appropriate design. For companies, the design has to look professional and sophisticated or elegant. Don’t be afraid to use different colors because a unique design is sure to leave a great impression than a simple white envelope will.

In web sites, you need to attach an internal link anchor text to the envelope’s icon in order to direct the viewer to the desired page. Make sure you choose the right design for you or your business. In any case, we hope that we gave you some useful ideas.

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