The old trend deigns email icons with black and white coloured envelop which is boring in design. In addition to this, the old design comes in form of sketchy envelope which lack suitable texture that will captivate users easily. That made them easily outdated as majority of designers fined it difficult to incorporate it into their work. You need something interesting and captivating for your work which is the reason why current trend should be your best option. You may also see Social Media Icons

Email Envelope Icon

email envelope icon

Email Plus Icon

email plus icon

Opened Email Icon

opened email icon

The present design trend has introduced realistic email images with real envelope colour and design. They are made of envelopes of various colours and designs. That means you will just need to select the particular icon that will flawlessly sync to your work. Another thing is that some of the icons used currently for emails in website are customizable. That means you can add text you want like urgent mail and others. You may also see SMS Icons

Mail Sent Icon

mail sent icon

Little Envelope Icon

little envelope icon

Sketched Mail Icon

sketched mail icon

Service Courier Icon

service courier icon

Continuous Line Mail Icon

continuous line mail icon

Mailbox Icon

mailbox icon

Realistic Email Icon

realistic email icon

Social Media Mail Icon

social media mail icon

App Email Icon

app email icon

Send Symbol Icon

send symbol icon

Coming to the types of email icons there are numerous of them. Some of them you need to know include; brown envelope icons, customizable email images and realistic email images and icons. You can equally find email icon with letter box and classic mail icon.

Mail Inbox Icon

mail inbox icon

Letter Mail Icon

letter mail icon

Email Forward Icon

email forward icon

Email Chat Icon

email chat icon

Mail Message Icon

mail message icon

Email Upload Icon

email upload icon

Hand Drawn Email Icon

hand drawn email icon

Opened Mail Icon

opened mail icon

Email Icon Set

email icon set

You need not to ask about uses of the icons as you already known that. The realistic email icons will bring in realism into your design. You can make use of custom made icons to showcase your design they way you want and others. You may also see Multimedia and Entertainment Icons

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