Now that the social media have taken over the web, web sites are adapting to them. Every web page and blog has at least one social media icon that will link the users to various social media. These icon designs come in a great variety of styles and color combinations that make choosing them easier. Today we are going to share with you our collection of social media icons that is sure to amaze you.

Vector Social Media Icons

Vector social media icons are suitable for every web site. Depending on the web site, you can find the right social media design. For corporate web sites choose a strict and minimalist design while for blogs you should choose more elaborate icons. Available in eps, jpg and psd format files.

Vector Rounded Social Media Icons

vector rounded social media icons

Vector Black Social Media Icons

vector black social media icons

Vector Minimal Social Media Icons

vector minimal social media icons

Flat Social Media Icons

The available icons come mostly in flat designs. They have colorful and black and white designs that are suitable for everyone. The variety is enormous allowing you to choose the icons that fit your needs. Find them in pad, eps and png format files with editable properties for easy modification.

Flat Colorful Social Media Icons

flat colorful social media icons

Flat Stylish Social Media Icons

flat stylish social media icons

Black and White Social Media Icons

These designs have a strict look that makes them perfect for corporate and business web pages and profiles. Also they can be used in email promotions and business cards. You can resize the icons to fit your needs while you can find them in jpg and png format files.

Black and White Round Social Media Icons

black and white round social media icons

High Resolution Black and White Social Media Icons

high resolution black and white social media icons

Round Social Media Icons

Round shapes in general have a softer look than the orthogonal. You can decide on a set of social media icons in round designs with multicolored or dichromatic versions to mix things up every once in a while. Available in every known format file that can be resized and customized.

Round Red Social Media Icons

round red social media icons

Round Flat Social Media Icons

round flat social media icons

Small Social Media Icons

These designs are suitable for apps, resumes and business cards. Their small sizes allow them to fit anywhere and any place you want. You can find them in sets of social media icons of eps, png and jpg format files for digital and printable designs to choose from.

Small Colored Social Media Icons

small colored social media icons

Small Social Media Icons for Business Cards

small social media icons for business cards

Transparent Social Media Icons

Transparent elements tend to look elegant and sophisticated. These designs are suitable for web sites and blogs as well as for email promotions. The sets are available in jpg, eps and psd formats that come in editable files that can be resized and used multiple times in various projects.

Glossy Transparent Social Media Icons

glossy transparent social media icons

Square Social Media Icons

Choose a set of square icon designs for your social media in your web page. Make sure that the style is complementing the website and that it adds character drawing attention. They can be placed at any spot on the page while their high resolution makes them impressive and memorable.

Colorful Square Social Media Icons

colorful square social media icons

Vector Square Social Media Icons

vector square social media icons

Square Grey Social Media Icons

square grey social media icons

Social Media Share Icons

Most share buttons have a wider size that you mostly see at the top or the bottom of a web page or blog. They come in a multitude of designs that can be resized to fit your needs. They are also suitable for apps and email promotions.

Flat Social Media Share Icons

flat social media share icons

Grunge Social Media Icons

Grunge icon sets come in designs that feature scratches, stains and rust. You can find impressive social media icons designs in grunge style to decorate your web site. Available in most known format files that allow for easy and fast modification regarding their size.

Vintage Grunge Social Media Icons

vintage grunge social media icons

Vector Grunge Social Media Icons

vector grunge social media icons

3D Social Media Icons

3D designs add a twist to all two dimensional projects. Add depth in your web page by using a social media icon set in 3D. You can find them in jpg, eps and png format files that can be customized and used in every type of web page and blog.

Round 3D Social Media Icons

round 3d social media icons

3D Cube Social Media Icons

3d cube social media icons

3D Vector Social Media Icons

3d vector social media icons

Glossy Social Media Icons

Glossy designs offer a glamorous style that makes every page look elegant and sophisticated. There is a great variety of glossy social media icons that are suitable for business and corporate web sites as well as for email promotions. Available in all known format files to choose for your needs.

Glossy Blue Social Media Icons

glossy blue social media icons

Glossy Silver Social Media Icons

glossy silver social media icons

Mobile Social Media Icons

Mobile phones use icons to help users interact with their devices. You can choose the most impressive designs ranging from flat icons to black and white. These social media icon designs are available in sets of psd and eps format files as well as in different sizes.

Mobile Flat Social Media Icons

mobile flat social media icons

Doodle Social Media Icons

Doodles can make every web page look pleasant and interesting. You can get a creative upgrade with a set of doodle social media icons in black and white or multicolored designs. Available in various formats like jpg and psd you will find incredible designs to use.

Hand Drawn Doodle Social Media Icons

hand drawn doodle social media icons

Black and White Doodle Social Media Icons

black and white doodle social media icons

Connect your viewers with the social media and help them share your work with others. This is going to help you in the long run to build awareness. Make sure that the icons follow your web site’s style completing the look and connecting you with the rest of the world.

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