Heart icons can be used in many different projects to add a cute and romantic theme. This list has put together some of the best and prettiest heart icon designs so that you can find the perfect one to incorporate into your design to make it extra special for the person you love. We are confident that this list will have an option for everyone in order to find the perfect heart icon design.

Romantic Heart Icon

romantic heart icon

This heart icon set is a simple 2D cartoon design of different styled hearts that can be used in the personalisation of gift cards and scrapbooks to give a romantic feel.

Broken Heart Icon

broken heart icon

These broken heart sticker icons are simple 3D heart cartoons in different styles and designs. These designs are perfect for romantic themed cards and projects.

Heart Icon Clip-art

heart icon clipart

These heart clip art designs are 2D designs of hearts in a range of different styles. These icons are suitable for a wide range of projects and are great to incorporate into many different themes.

Vector Heart Icon

vector heart icon

This heart vector is a very simple, 2D, grey heart vector that you can use as a template to design your own project.

Flat Heart Icon

flat heart icon

This heart icon is a grey and white 2D heart with a gear in the middle of the icon. This image is a different style of icon that can be used for many different projects.

Glossy Heart Icon

glossy heart icon

This glossy heart icon design is a red and a pink glossy heart wrapped together in a white and gold banner. This icon can be used for a greeting card as the main image.

Red Heart Icon


This red heart icon is a gif of a red heart being drawn. This gif is perfect for romantically themed e-cards and projects.

Empty Heart Icon

empty heart icon

This heart icon is a cute 2D design of a heart drawn on a latte. This design is perfect for the coffee lovers as a romantic customisation.

Love Heart Icon

love heart icon

This love heart icon is a white 2D heart with an arrow going through it. This icon is perfect for a romantic themed project to customise and enhance the product. You may also see Arrow Icons Collections

Beating Heart Icon

beating heart icon

This beating heart icon set is a number of different hearts with a heart beat line running through the center, which is a beautiful and unique way to customize a project.

Heart Symbol Icon

heart symbol icon

These heart symbols offer you many different designs and types of pink and red hearts for you to choose from to create the perfect project.

Pink Heart Icon

pink heart icon

This heart icon is another gif of a 3D heart being filled with pink ink. This is another great addition to an online romantic card or project.

Cartoon Heart Icon Set

cartoon heart icon set

These cartoon hearts are available in many different 3D cartoon designs in order to offer you a huge variation of options in your projects.

Paper Heart Icon

paper heart icon

This paper heart icon is a flick book style design of a heart in many colours. This icon is perfect for a mobile app.

Winged Heart Icon

winged heart icon

These winged hearts are 3D cartoon hearts with large white angel wings. These designs can be incorporated into tattoos or creative projects to give an edgier feel.

Animated Heart Icon

animated heart icon

This animated heart design is a small pink and white heart that is squishing up and down. This design is perfect for adding to an e-card.

Hand Drawn Heart Icons

hand drawn heart icons

These heart icons are small, red, hand drawn icon designs that are perfect for designing romantic cards and projects.

Heart Icon Uniqueness

Heart icons are a great way of making a project, card, or gift much more personal and romantic for your loved one, and there are many options to choose from to make yours special.

Heart icons can be used in many different areas. They can be used as social media icons, they can be used in romantic cards, and many other varied projects in order to create a beautiful finish to any design and product.

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