Whenever you visit a shopping website or a website what are the things that catch your eyes first? Content/products/services and design may share the first place obviously. What’s next? Well, it is the little details incorporated in the design that take your attention just as instantly. This is the reason most designers pay great heed to including the little great things, as it is what contributes to the websites X-factor. Among the long list of details which do hook you, our focus is the icons. In this post, we would be talking about the very popular bag icons.

15+ Bag Icons Set

Women’s Handbags & Clutches Vector

Bag Icons Set Vector

Let’s admit it, if you’re a serious shopper with a great eye for detail, you may have, once at least, stopped to take a closer look at the stylish ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Add to Bag’ icon. The new age shopping websites are really particular about giving their customers the ‘we are ahead and different’ than our competition vibe. As a result, you will find many interesting never-seen-before icons on the site, bag icons being an example.

Simple Set of Bag Icons

Bag Icons Set Download

Money Bag Icon

Bag Icons for App

Dollars Money Bag Icon

12 Unique Bag Icons

Bag Icon Download

Blue Color Bag Icons Set

Shopping Bag Basic Icons

Black Shopping Bags Icon

Vector Black Bag Icons Set

Bag Icon Free Download

Bags Icons Set Collection

Shopping Bag Vector Icons Set on Gray Background

Free Bag Coins Icon

Different Set of Bags Icons

Colorful Bag Icons Set

Heart Print Shopping Bag Icon

Travel Bag Icon

Free Shopping Bag Icon

Premium Shopping Icon

Beautiful Money Bag Icons

Pink Ribbon Bag Icons

School Bag Icons

Designers of shopping and E-commerce websites themes today are known to put up unusual shopping bag icons on the site. If you’re building a platform of your own which requires a bag icon element, we’d suggest you definitely take a good look at the bag icons out there on the Web, and we promise you there are more than just bagfuls of those! So bag some time, buck up your imagination and download the bag icons and get inspired and make your own!

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