Everywhere, in the colleges, schools, to vacations and even to work, women are carrying floral backpacks instead of the ordinary solid-colored ones. Flirty, feminine and fun, the floral backpacks are huge in the market right now. You might be absolutely in love with your brand new floral handbag, but these backpack designs will definitely lure you away. Look for these floral backpack designs the next time you go shopping for a bag.

Vintage Floral Backpack

vintage floral backpack

Think of any outfit and this bag would probably be suitable to be taken with that. Skater dresses to dungarees, tops and tunics to shorts, this bag completes your look and gives you a very young and fun vibe. You may also see Backpack Handbag Designs

Black Floral Backpack Design

black floral backpack design

There are always those infallible lovers of black who cannot help but be convinced to buy everything black. Don’t worry, the floral design comes in all colors and is equally awesome and pretty so that you get the best of both worlds.

Floral Bow Backpack

floral bow backpack

Bows are cute and elegant and so are flowers. So, why not merge the best of both and have this cute backpack? Wear a mauve skater dress with a pair of stone studs, and tan sandals with this to complete the look. So pretty!

Floral Print Buckle Backpack

floral print buckle backpack

These floral print buckle backpacks are everywhere in the market. The buckle lends it a vintage look and the floral print is as appealing as ever. Picnic or school, this bag can be used both as a nice little backpack and a school bag.

Handmade Floral Backpack

handmade floral backpack

The stereotypical concept that floral backpacks are only pretty can be broken with this one. It looks sporty while simultaneously embracing the girly part of you. No matter what you’re wearing, this kind of backpacks lend character to your outfit.

Floral Hipster Backpack

floral hipster backpack

This backpack is not out-and-out floral and feminine, but it uses patches of floral design instead. The design is minimal and looks best with sober and matte colors. Scrap your everyday pink handbag for this one.

Floral Quilted Backpack

floral quilted backpack

So many designs, so many choices. Quilted backpacks are one of the newest additions to the family of floral backpacks. It is smartly designed so as to provide space to fit in as many of your stuff as possible, while also making it look very young and attractive.

Floral Rolling Backpack Design

floral rolling backpack design

Rolling backpacks are an all-time favorite for their amazing utility and efficiency. Take it wherever you like, to weekend holidays, to school or even as a laptop bag. Don’t go looking for a cute handbag anymore when you can have a super cute rolling floral backpack.

Cool Floral Backpack

cool floral backpack

For the people who carry their world in their bags, space and comfort are the two most important requisites and necessities in a backpack. This style of backpacks are trendy, spacious, comes with a colorful floral design and has lots of space for all your stuff to fit in easily.

Pink Floral Backpack Idea

pink floral backpack idea

Cute Floral Printed Backpack

cute floral printed backpack

Floral Pattern Backpack Idea

floral pattern backpack idea

Black and White Floral Backpack

black and white floral backpack

Retro Style Floral Backpack Design

retro style floral backpack design

Navy Blue Floral Backpack

navy blue floral backpack

Green Floral Backpack Bag

green floral backpack bag

Drawstirng Floral Backpack Bag

drawstirng floral backpack bag

Backpacks are essential for everyday use. Make it a fashion statement with these cool, one-of-a-kind floral backpack designs to dress up or dress down. Give your favorite pink handbag some rest and opt for one of these instead and make a fashion statement everyday.

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