Rugged backpack designs are very popular among outdoorsmen like hikers, mountaineers, girls who love adventure and backpackers. The main reason is because of the ruggedness of the design, durability and functionality of the backpacks by itself; if not for polka dot backpacks or vintage backpacks.

Rugged backpacks have increasingly become the convenient way to carry your everyday essentials from wallets to laptops to books. Here are some perfect backpacks for girls from the diverse world of rugged backpack designs that makes it so easy to choose a design to suit you.

Rugged Laptop Backpack

rugged laptop backpack

This rugged laptop back is sure to snugly fit your laptop measuring up to 15.6”. It is best suited for business travel, college days, casual day out or even while hiking or cycling. With its many internal compartments, you can also fit in important documents or magazines without it turning too bulky.

Rugged Canvas Backpack

rugged canvas backpack

Yes, this capacious rugged canvas bag is very similar to the one used by Demi Moore in “Indecent Proposal”. This bag is extremely convenient to carry on with its adjustable shoulder straps and the stylish string closure only adds on to its ruggedness. If you are looking for a stylish accessory to complete your outdoorsy look, this is the perfect bag for it.

Hipster Rugged Backpack

hipster rugged backpack

This is the perfect laptop bag for college going girls. With space for just about everything after keeping your laptop in; this is a must-have if you are looking at comfort and value-for-money. This bag has a brilliant new design that will make you look chic and unique.

Vintage Rugged Backpack

vintage rugged backpack

This rugged cotton backpack has a very military style vintage look to it. It is a multipurpose daypack to carry your everyday essentials. It is stylish and durable and makes it a brilliant collectible for anyone who has a craze for bags or anyone’s who is just looking to buy a new backpack.

Rugged Twill Backpack Design

rugged twill backpack design

This compact design makes this rugged backpack perfect to be used as a book-bag. Stylish and comfortable, it is also perfect for an overnight travel, capacious and durable. The design is very versatile and is perfect for casual uses.

Rugged Wheeled Backpack

rugged wheeled backpack

This convertible rugged wheel backpack is as versatile as it is capacious. It works similar to a rolling luggage suitcase but has backpack straps that can be tucked away. Not compromising on quality and style; this backpack is perfect for an outdoors person to carry multiple bulk items and yet be comfortable doing it.

Rugged Military Backpack

rugged military backpack

Simple Rugged Backpack

simple rugged backpack

Sling Rugged Backpack

sling rugged backpack

Denim Rugged Backpack

denim rugged backpack

Backpack or rugged backpacks, specifically, are growing so popular that bag manufacturers are creating entire line to accommodate designs and sizes so that you can get the perfect fit. From floral backpacks to polka dot backpacks to rugged denim backpacks, the options are endless and every season you see a new trendsetter. You really don’t need a reason to by one of these rugged backpacks!

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